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Warner Music Group artists also coming to Play Music

Google has announced that its Google Play Music service will be coming to European shores on Nov. 13, which also happens to be the day Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 arrive internationally. Initially, users in the U.K, France, Germany, Italy and Spain will be able to add up to 20,000 songs, just like U.S. customers, and music purchases will be supported in Europe too. An iTunes Match-style music matching service will be available in Europe at launch, with the U.S. following later. That means there's a viable alternative to manually uploading all your songs.

What's more, Warner Music Group artists will be available on Google Play Music too, meaning all the major record labels are now represented on Google's music service.

It's great to see the full Google Play Music experience finally arriving in Europe. Looks like international readers will have a lot to look forward to come Nov. 13!


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Google Play Music coming to Europe on Nexus launch day


The current app upload all music and its available in the US. i think they will update that app to do this for US and EU

The music matching for Google Music is pretty much all I was waiting for before I really planned on getting into Google Music. Having about 12GB of music (yes I know others have a lot more) I didn't really want to upload all that. When the match service launches, then I will transition more towards Google Music.

Why can Apple sell music in a large part of the world, but no-one else can't seem to get out of the US and the usual suspects in the EU ten years later? Is there any wonder TPB and similar sites are so popular?

because they were first and got it all locked in before the distribution companies got sellers remorse and decided that they needed better deals

Yeah well, Europe has more countries than just U.K, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. DUH!
So all other "european" countries will be left out again. DOUBLE DUH!