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We first saw magazines begin to appear in the UK Play Store just yesterday, leaving us sure that the additional content wasn't far away. Turns out that hunch was right, and this evening Google's selection of magazine content is available for purchase both on the web and Android applications. If you're not seeing the new section show up yet, you can always try the old trick of heading into Settings>Apps and then force closing, clearing data and re-starting the Play Store app. 

In addition, you'll need to grab a copy of the Magazines app from Google in order to read your content. Hit the download link at the top to grab a copy, but users with a Nexus 4, 7 or 10 may find an "enable" button in place of an install button on the app listing page. 

The good news for UK buyers is the UK-centric content available for purchase -- for the run down check out the list we posted yesterday. It's great to see more Google Play content arrive on British shores, and as it sits now we're only waiting for TV Shows before we have the full set. 


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Google Play Magazines now live in the UK


Go into "App Info" for Google Play then 'clear data' once you restart the Play store App you will find that Magazines are now available

Sad as it may seem, this is what I have been waiting for most from the Google Play store (well only because I have had Movies and Music from the start)

All I have been looking for was a complete Google Play experience and hopefully (for the UK at least) this has been achieved.

Now if we could onl have access to US TV shows?????

EDIT: Oops I should have read your whole article first :S

So I'm a subscriber to the print edition of Wired UK.

How on earth do I get access to the digital edition on my Samsung Galaxy Tab? All I see against Wired UK is Buy or Subscribe - and Subscribe isn't for subscribers, but for new customers.


If you didn't buy your subscription through Google Play it looks (at least at the moment) like you can't import into the Magazines app or transfer that subscription to Google Play.