Google Play gift cards

Google Play gift cards appear to be finally available in the United Kingdom, as they've been spotted in Tesco. We first got wind back in December of the UK redemption page going live, but no other news about the cards. Then, just a couple of days ago, we were given the gift card denominations that would be available, but still no physical items. Finally, they have been spotted in one of the most common grocery stores in the UK and hopefully will be found elsewhere as well.

The cards, as you can see, can be bought in the £10 or £25, though we heard that £50 options will also be available.

Source: EuroDroid


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Google Play gift cards now available in the UK, spotted in Tesco


In Denmark we have iTunes gift cards.. and that's about it for gift cards here :I
Is there really a facebook gift card, haha :D?

Nothing in my local Tesco (Great Notley) this evening, these would have been great if they had made it out for Christmas.

I'm assuming that Brits could always purchase these virtually...but having them at Tesco, well, that's a horse of a different color!