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Kernel source published —​ but no update for devices just yet

HTC has released the kernel source code and related platform support files for the Google Play edition HTC One, as required under the GPL. The code drop comes ahead of the Google Play HTC One's Android 4.3 update — officially, the phone's still on 4.2.2, and we've not seen any updates on our own devices just yet.

The kernel source code is from software version 3.06.1700.10 (up from 2.14.1700.15) and Linux kernel version 3.4.10 (unchanged from the 4.2 firmware.)

We've checked Samsung's open source release center and there's no Android 4.3 code on there just yet, so it looks like HTC's first out the gate with its kernel release. In any case, hopefully this means the 4.3 update for Google Play edition phones is just around the corner. We'll let you know as soon as the updates start rolling out.

Source: HTCDev

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r3g says:

F*uck yea.

Dperks17 says:

Sweet! My buddy is gonna be stoked to hear this

killachandra says:

does this mean i can install google version 4.3 on my s419500 and get rid of touchwiz?

mstrblueskys says:



You'll have to wait for the update to arrive officially via OTA

Jeff Kibuule says:

Hopefully updates are within 2 weeks of the Nexus for 4.3 and 5.0.

s2weden2000 says:

not gonna happen

still1 says:

People, Now do you understand the difference between Nexus and Google Play edition???

hodan says:


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planoman says:

Based on what I saw in the Nexus 4 forum, I can wait to get 4.3. My S4 Google Edition is running just fine!


The Nexus line is superior to all other OEM devices out there when it comes to software and firmware updates.

ardnaszavi says:

How about we get 4.2 on all carriers before releasing 4.3. Ridiculous.

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rootedVette says:

You might be interested in reading this article that AC published some time ago but is still completely relevant.

BoB16731 says:

How about no I'm running 4.2.2 and have been bring on 4.3

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Only1Z says:

HTC beats Samsung to the punch.

mstrblueskys says:

I think you meant to write, HTC Beats© Samsung to the punch...

Ruchelli says:

I see what you did there.

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gonsa says:

i want the S4 GE kernel too!

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BoB16731 says:

Go ask Crapsung

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Gator352 says:

I see what you did there! :)

Kicks916 says:

So does this mean I can download them to my GPE HTC One and be running 4.3???

BoB16731 says:

No this is just kernal source

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Just got 4.3 OTA update pushed to my Play Edition HTC One. The phone just rebooted following the update. :)

ne0ne says:

Can't wait for the rom cookers to incorporate 4.3. I'm running it on my 2013 Nexus 7. It's sweet.

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And here I'm waiting on AT&T for 4.2.2 Sigh.

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4limguy says:

Same boat waiting for T-Mobile to push the update.

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Zac Roach says:

Got my 4.3 update about 2hrs ago. No home button mapping like on the 4.2.2 version of sense, at least that I can find. It did fix my Play Movies playback though, so now I can finally watch movies I've bought from the Play Store on my phone.

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Kayone73 says:

IR blaster is now supported in the 4.3 release, multiple owners have tested and confirms it now works with remote control apps

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A shame HTC can't release source for their Sense based devices in any sort of a timely manner.