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Google is continuing its expansive rollout of content to different countries today by offering Google Play Books and Movies to the Russian market. On the Books front, Google Play will be offering over 1,000 Russian-language publications, as well as best-selling books from numerous authors. For Movies, Russian users will have access to not only international new releases but also local films. Movies can be rented starting at 49 rubles (about $1.60), and purchased starting at 99 rubles (about $3.22).

We're glad to see Google is taking the international markets seriously. It's not just the devices, but the content and ecosystem behind them, that make Android a great platform. People all around the world deserve to have access to all of the great things Google Play has to offer.

Source: Google Russia Blog


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Google Play Books and Movies now live in Russia


Last Thursday Google started to sell books and movies here down in BRAZIL \o/

Music, magazines, TV series, smartphone and tablets, not yet. According to the Google speaker person here in Brazil, they are working hard to make it all happen. But will not happen this year. :-(

P.S.: unfortunately, prince is not the same you are used to pay in US. Brazilian people make less money than you do and are used to pay 3 or 4 times more than you pay. That is called: "malandragem brasileira".

I'm bilingual and I would love to buy some Russian books. (I live in Boston now).
Is there a way to pick a language?
Lack of Russian language AND book upload feature (similar to Google Music) are the only reasons I haven't used Google Books yet. If I have an option to buy Russian books, I may start using it... until then, it's useless.