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According to the New York Times, Google executives have claimed that they will be opening a Google Music MP3 store in the coming weeks.  Likely to be connected to the current Google Music Beta offering, the service would compete with Apple and Amazon to allow users to purchase and store music files in the cloud.  (Cue the lawsuits in 3, 2...).  While Google officially declined to comment to the Times, as did any of the Music labels, the idea makes perfect sense.  We know Google wanted to get content agreements for music, and after publicly criticizing the music industry Google decided to follow the route taken by Amazon and offer users storage for their own files.  In addition, the songs that are offered for free on the existing service certainly aren't royalty-free, so some arrangements have to be already standing.  If the rumor is true, this may be something we hear about on Oct. 19 at the Ice Cream Sandwich event.  We'll keep you posted if anything further develops.

Source: New York Times; via CNETThanks, Derek!

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kurioskurion says:

1st! this.would.be.amazing.

I dunno... Services like Spotify...have me locked in. Im looking forward to Google having a complete EcoSystem for android though.

KrsWon says:

Spotify is a good service, but they took a $41mil loss. It would be nice if they pull through it. Maybe facebook integration will skyrocket revenue.

Lee_R3D says:

I didn't know they took a loss. They run enough ads, you'd think they were fine. I'm stubborn and refuse to make a facebook, and it's pretty annoying to not be able to do the things facebook users can.

Eerth says:

Google should also introduce a cloudstorage service, fully integrated with android.

gray21t says:

all Google needs is a good cloud service, I rarely buy songs its much easier to just download them from a 3rd party site

BSG75 says:

Do you find Amazon's mp3 service hard to use? I buy all my music from there. It seems like you are saying it's too hard to legally download music, so you torrent it instead. If that is what you are saying, I call BS. Amazon is super easy to use and you can download multiple times to many machines.

icebike says:

Two posters in a row saying Google needs a cloud service.

Are you guys from Mars or what?

iPwn says:

They already have app, book, and movie stores (within the Android Market), so it wouldn't surprise me if they open up an MP3 store.

Londontom says:


NerdyNugget says:

All hail google \o/

Jays2Kings says:

It's very likely. In the Market 3.2 apk (the market version leaked from the [Galaxy] Nexus [Prime]), there are a few music icons inside the apk, with a orange-colored market bag/icon, and the google music icon.

T72018 says:

Google will rule the mobile world, movie world, music world, social network world, and every other world their is to rule!

joeln0671 says:

Ive been buying all my music on Amazon so I will definitely be purchasing my music from Google once its available.

Derek1267 says:

Yay my first tip made it :)

To this day I still have never purchased a song online but if google opens an Mp3 store I will probably make an exception..

Adriaaaaan says:

Old news really this has been known for ages for example try this
see the error page?

now try this
completely different 404 page kind of a big hint that that url is reserved for future use :)

TJH132 says:

I like Amazon's mp3 store. I like Google Music better than Amazon cloud player. I wish I could easily move Amazon purchases to Google with one click.