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'Huge honor' for the Google Now team, says Matias Duarte

Google Now -- Google's card-based predictive search tool -- has been awarded the grand prize for "best everyday utility" at the 2013 User Experience Awards. To claim the prize, Google Now saw off competition from a wide variety of different projects, including Belkin's WeMo home automation system and healthcare startup ZocDoc.

Announcing the win on Google+, Android design lead Matias Duarte called the award a "huge honor" for the entire Google Now team. Google Now is one of the most important smartphone features of the past year, and it's a well-deserved win for Duarte and his team.

The UX award will sit alongside Popular Science's 2012 "Innovation of the Year" award in the Google Now trophy room.

Source: User Experience Awards; via: Matias Duarte


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Google Now wins grand prize for 'best everyday utility' at 2013 UX awards


Congratulations to Google! It's well deserved! (I love the applications, services, and products that Google provides, everyday!) This isn't just a win for Google & the Google Now team, but it's a win for us, the users as well! Google Now keeps developing and improving for us all! Thank you Google! Keep up the good work!

It must be broken on my phone, or I'm using it wrong, because I've never found it to tell me anything remotely useful. Much the contrary, it continually and randomly tells me the distance between my current location and a random business I've recently searched for on Google. Most times, it's a business I already know the location of, have no set plans to visit, and had searched for it for some other random reason.

I have no idea why Google Now would assume I want to visit it, on a particular day and time, and then take it upon itself to use my precious and expensive cellular bandwidth to randomly tell me the travel distance/time between where ever I happen to be and that business.

I've even had Google now display sports-related cards, and if Google tracks *anything*, it should well know my absolute and total disinterest in spectator sports.

It tells me so much stuff that it is mind boggling. It gives me tracking#'s on packages from things I ordered online. It shows sports scores for all the teams I am interested in. It shows me the weather. It tells me how long it will take me to get to work in the morning and how long it will take to get home and let me know if there is a delay. It tells me if the stocks I follow move up or down by 3% or more. It shows me interesting places around me. It shows me updates on news articles that I have read. Its amazing and by far the best app ever made for mobile devices. Its voice and conversational searchs are so beyond anything Siri can do.

To get it to work you need to use gmail for your online order confirmations from like Amazon etc.. You need to use Chrome for when you do searches or read stories on the internet. You also need to make sure location awareness/tracking is on.

Wonder how Google Now will be effected in the future seeing that Apple added it to it's patent infringement case. :/

Apple adds everything they wish they had onto their patent infringement list. Means nothing and nothing will come of it, Apple is just being a bunch of whiners as usual.

"Best everyday utility"...unless you happen to use Google Apps, in which case it won't give you Gmail cards and loses 75% of its appeal.

Siri is garbage and does nothing like Google Now does. Siri is an embarassing joke just like using an iphone is now.

Lol please tell me you're kidding. That's laughable, considering Siri is something Apple ripped off from something else. Plus Google Now foes more than Siri.

And you dont obviously get out much siri was bought from the apple app store in 2010 and there were already assistants in both apple and google play. Vlingo was out before siri in the app store on android first, so whos copying who, get your facts straight, apple did not invent siri! all they did was buy it from the app store. Google and android had search and voice actions long before work angain and now not working siri which is a half baked app like most of the assistants! most iphone users want use siri as its a hit and miss affair! works now and want work or understand you later!. Google now just plain understands and the google team invented it unlike apple

Good post, very timely since I just got my gs4 and have been putting s voice up against google now trying to find out which is best. I was leaning towards s voice, but after reading this looks like I have more comparing to do.

The Time to Work and Time to Walt Disney World has never been more than a minute off from the actual time it took. Works great on my E4g touch

I have to agree with some comments. Unless I'm missing something (or because I'm in the UK), all Google Now ever shows is the weather and how long it'll take me to get home/go to work.

Apart from that it never shows me a thing. (And yes I have it all set up)

I'm also from the UK, and it has told me about places of interest nearby and landmarks along with bus and train times at nearby stations