The pick of the announcements from the first day at Google I/O

The Google I/O 2014 keynote was a firehose of information, but in the best way possible. In almost three hours of stage time we saw so many incredible new things that it's difficult to know where to begin digesting it all. Android L, Android One, Android Auto, Android get the idea.

We've rounded up what we think are some – seven, to be precise – of the most important areas that saw new stuff from the first day of the conference. There's still a ton of other stuff that's yet to come, but for now, let's take a look at the best of the best so far from Google I/O 2014.

Android L Developer preview

Coming to developers the very next day, Google – as promised – debuted the L release of Android. We didn't get a name but we did get a whole bunch on what it's all about including the brand new Material Design, improvements to notifications and much, much more.

Android Auto

Google showed us the first real step forward since the announcement of the Open Automotive Alliance with Android Auto. With an SDK open to developers, Android device owners will be able to use their favorite apps and services inside supported cars.

Android TV

The spiritual successor to Google TV, Android TV is the latest attempt at conquering the living room. With support for your favorite apps and media services and a whole host of Android games, Android TV has every chance of succeeding where its predecessor did not. Oh, and it's got built in Google Cast support, which is pretty awesome.

Android Wear

Android Wear wasn't a secret having been officially announced earlier in the year. What Google I/O brought was yet more on how it's all going to work and news of the very first devices to go on sale. Samsung got in on the act – despite having so far remained quiet – with the launch of the Gear Live, while the disappointment could be felt when the Moto 360 was announced for "later this year."

Android One

Much like we get Google Play Edition devices already – well, some of us can, at least – Android One looks to be a similar program for emerging markets. Acting as a reference platform, Android One could lead to sub $100 stock Android running smartphones for markets such as India.

New stuff for Chromecast

Chromecast was given its time in the spotlight and besides learning how well the affordable HDMI dongle has done, we were also treated to some new features. Soon we'll be able to cast content without being on the same WiFi network and mirror Android device screens in full to the big screen. Definite result.

Chrome OS and Android apps

The big Chrome OS news of the day is that soon we'll be able to use Android apps on a Chromebook. Google has done a pretty good job so far of keeping the two platforms exclusive but it was perhaps inevitable that one day we'd see them begin to get closer.

There's still much more

That's a quick run down of what we think are the most important announcements at Google I/O 2014 so far, but there's still much more we didn't mention and much more still to come. The best way to keep up to date with everything coming out of San Francisco this week is to swing by our Google I/O event page where you'll find absolutely everything.


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The most important announcements at Google I/O 2014


Indeed. Not a peep about it. :-( Maybe it's still baking and wasn't ready to show. I can't imagine that they'd just abandon it without any word.

If they do abandon it, it will be without a word (in this context, anyway). They're not going to devote time in a keynote address to telling us about how they're ditching a popular but unprofitable service.

Posted via Android Central App

As much as I liked what they did today. If there isn't a resolution of this with hangouts and GV. I'll be done with them. I have too many of my friends and family on IOS. This is just a cluster * all around.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, it's SO horrible to not have all your FREE services packaged together on your timeframe.

Posted via Android Central App

Wasn't expecting them to announce abandonment at the keynote. Was just hoping that they would have something good to announce with regard to Voice and Hangouts. If they are giving up on the idea (something I doubt), they would likely make it a small press release or an announcement on Google+ or the developer forums. The fact that we haven't heard anything tells me that no plans have changed...yet. Disappointing, but not really a surprise given Google's track record.

Yeah I was also hoping to hear about Hangouts and voice also, but nary a word. I do remember Google saying that it should happen in the summer timeframe, so it should be any day now.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

I had almost forgotten about how much I wanted to hear this cause of all the excitement of the new stuff. Now I'm back to being pissed.

Better yet, as just a nice touchscreen and radio parts, that gets updates from your phone. Hell, if chromcast can mirror your device screen, then just hook a Chomecast into a 8" screen, and let have my phone be mirrored there.... hmmm, not a half bad idea.

after the change that makes it so you don't have to be on the same wifi is in place, having Chromecast in your car should be possible.

Great idea, unfortunately people already shi* puppies with the idea of texting and driving I'm sure Google with have something built in to prevent such an awesome idea. Lol

This already exists, there's several head units that enable mirroring if your phone is capable of it thru HDMI/MHL.

I thought they said the 360 was being released "later this summer"? That's a quarter difference between that and "later this year".