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Following up on rumors that Google would be offering a cloud service to access files and multimedia no matter what screen you're looking at, some pictures with details of Google Drive have emerged. Apparently Google Drive will be giving away 5 GB for free with the option to upgrade for more, and the source of this shot claims that it will be launching on April 16.

Google Drive (or something like it) has been rumored for a long time; if this service is actually nearing a launch, it's taken its sweet time. Obviously Google already has a ton of cloud services already synced up with Android, but the only real file locker they've pumped out for Android is Google Music. Being able to wirelessly sync individual files between mobile devices and computers is bound to garner lots of interest, not because it hasn't been done before, but because Google will be able to feed it deeply into the Android OS and make it make it completely seamless.

So, any of you already hooked up with sync services like DropBox - would you be willing to switch to Google Drive for the sake of something a little more native? 

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Google Drive screenshot hints at 5 GB of cloud storage for Android smartphones and tablets


Hell. Yes.

Dropbox integration is nice...but I'm so deep into Google's services that it only makes sense for me to use Google Drive.

I'll keep Dropbox around for my friends who don't want Google Drive or if it doesn't support sharing files.

I'm the same way with Dropbox, but will gladly go with Google Drive for the native integration as well. Google can QR code me, lol!

yeah, i've got 25gig dropbox, 5 gb sugarsync, 50 gb box.

what really is curious to me is that they gave us the equivalent of 120gb for music (20,000 music files) why not similar for files?

not that i am demanding or anything, just curious if they want all my stuff.

Well think about music, it's pretty static. If 100 people have the same 3MB song, Google can simply store one 3MB file instead of one-hundred 3MB files. At least I'd assume that's how they run it. So your '120GB' isn't actually taking up a unique 120GB on Google servers.

Personal files.. I mean you can do compression and some of them may be similar to do de-duplication, but you're looking at a lot more unique data with Google Drive than you would with Google Music.

Its called file de-duplication, and Google has pretty much admitted that it does work that way in a couple interviews I read months ago.

I have some older MP3s that were made from slightly scratched records, and now the version that plays thru Google Music is better than the version stored on my computer. You won't notice it immediately after an upload, but over time (days), all your popular or current songs will end up being higher quality than the ones you uploaded.

The more unique thing about this is that if you upload song which is 192kbps when you download your song/s they'll be 320kpps. All of them.

They gave us more for music. I have uploaded all A State of Trance episodes and all my trance music which is (~250GB) and I have still place for 17 000 songs.

You can upload up to 250mb for song (20 000*250 = ~3TB). That's a lot of space

I think I would only used this if it has a separate privacy policy than the rest of google's services. Don't want my personal files to be scanned for ad placement.

Not sure I'd be willing to do this, since I don't even trust DropBox that much.

I wouldn't put anything of value or secrecy on Google's Cloud Drive until I saw the encryption capabilities.

As a software developer, some of the source code I use is copyrighted and proprietary to the company I work for. We like to use cloud storage as a backup but the only one we trust is SpiderOak, because even SpiderOak can't decrypt our files, even at gunpoint or with a warrant.

Now if past rumors are true, and Google Cloud will simply consolidate the storage for Picasa, Docs, Music, YouTube (etc) into one storage allotment, and then add raw file storage to that, then I'd use that in the same way I use those existing Google services.

But I would have to have confidence in the security to put much else up there beyond what I already store on Google.

Nothing prevents you doing your own encryption, should be easy enough for a single file backup, there are encrypted drive products that could be used for anything more complicated

Why should I?
The spideroak client allows me to have my copy unencrypted, and the uploaded copy fully encrypted and even spideroak doesn't have the decryption key.

Why would I want to mess around with a second set of encrypted files.

Plus SO does version control.

I want this. Especially if it allows you to play movies natively through the app or through the android OS without actually having to download the file onto your phone (think google music). Files- Meh, I dont really care too much about that because I can get that from virtually every cloud service to date.

Either way I would get this just because its google and the integration into OS should be pretty damn cool.

I already have drop box...3 gb or so, got box with the 50 gb free and i love it. Already gives me access to google docs. I may ditch dropbox for the goog service but not box unless goog wanted to match box.

I already have box, dropbox and ubuntu one. I'm not sure I am willing to switch to Google, unless integration is really seamless and there isn't some weird file size restriction (a la box). I really don't like Google Play Music's app, either, so if it looked like that I'd probably have to pass.

My free dropbox account is at 23gigs of space but since I use most of Google's services I'm looking forward to trying this out.

I would not switch. Chances are for the first five years it would be only available to people physically located in the United States -- and then when it was released internationally I would have to spend five minutes everytime I opened it to change the language back to English. Dropbox and Ubuntu One work for me no matter where I am physically located in the world, they remember that I speak english; in short they are not ethnocentric apps developed by a giant ethnocentric company.

Gmail was fine intitially, but the deeper I get into google services the more they piss me off.

Wild Speculation:

This feature will be somehow tied in with on-line tablet (or Chrome book) sales that The Wall Street Journal believes Google is planning.

(This is one case where I believe the WSJ's contacts more than Phil's.)

Whether it will be a Nexus Tablet, or just a Tablet Store, I have no idea, but I suspect the they will have a Wifi Nexus tablet. I suspect Google is getting tired of Carriers insisting on hanging data plans on tablets, leaving failing Best Buy to sell the wifi models.

Chrome books would benefit from this as well.

Honestly, it'd have to be pretty damn good for me to completely switch to it.

I have 9gb (from promotions, etc.) on Dropbox and it integrates SEAMLESSLY on both OSX and Android. Right now, Google is going to have to pull out something great to make me wanna switch.

I'd have to wait and see. Right now I don't NEED cloud storage, but should the time come I'd look for something native to Google before looking at other options. It sure is interesting to see what they're coming out with though!

I'm use Google storage now and hope that Drive is an integration of this service, because I love it. I keep a Dropbox (5gb) and Box (50gb)account because it's free storage and friends use it.

Really looking forward to see what Drive brings to the table.