Welcome to the Google Drive era. Google Docs has been folded into GDrive, but it's still the same productivity suite you've come to know and love. And now it's got some pretty serious cloud sync (even more so than previous) behind it in the form of Google Drive.

The idea is that you can collaborate on anything. Everything. Someone share a PDF? You can comment on it, and the OP will get a notification that you did so. 

There's a desktop client for all this, too, and, yes, it's basically Google's version of Dropbox. All your former GDocs files show there, and opening them opens them either in Google Docs, or in a respective native app (for instance, I use Foxit for PDFs.) 

We've got a slew of screenies after the break. 







Google Drive

Google Drive


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Google Docs is now Google Drive - we take it for a spin


So I've already got paid storage with Google (originally for Picasa), is this separate from my Google Drive?

No. It's included. And good news, you can keep your old plan at the old pricing! The new plans are a bit more expensive so that's a plus. I had the same question but I couldn't be happier with the answer.

Mine seems to be working...its set up and syncing across my Infuse 4g, laptop, and Acer Iconia tablet. I won't be dumping dropbox for drive, but box.net and sugarsync just got their eviction notices. After a day or so of real use, I will know better.

I just updated the app and when I opened it I got the, "Your Google Drive is not ready yet. Notify me" treatment. That's fine I guess, I mean they are just rolling it out. *BUT* My Google Docs app is now gone. So I don't have Docs and I can't get drive yet. WTF! That's a problem!

Edit: nevermine. I pressed the notify me button and then it said, "We'll let you know when Drive is ready. In the mean time, do you want to go to Google Docs?" Sorry for doubting you Google.

Right after you go ahead with the Notify Me option, you should be able to see a blue button that says Go to Google Docs below the message that says "We'll email you at...."

That leads you to Google Docs, for now.

Liking it so far. One thing I've found that the Dropbox app beats it on is the ability to download a file to a specific location on your phone. "Make available offline" seems to download the file, but I can't find where to. I also wish it could do camera uploading like Dropbox can. AND ANOTHER THING, it would be cool to see a dedicated "Public" folder with an easy-to-remember URL like iDisk has (for example: "http://drive.google.com/donkee/Public")

I haven't tested it yet (because my drive isn't ready), but if it works like Google Music, then "make available offline" saves it to your phone, but you still access it through Google Drive. You just don't need a data connection. I'm sure if you browse around with Astro (or equivalent) you can find the file.

Regarding camera uploading, I fully expect google to intergrate this into the Google+/Picasa auto upload feature. I also expect them to intergrage this with Google Music uploading. But that just my wild @$$ guess.

Same issue with the Android app here. I had a new album I wanted to put on my phone so thought I'd try it through G Drive. The album uploaded fine, and I successfully made a couple tracks offline. Unfortunately once the files are offline there is no way to access them. You can play each track individually via a variety of music apps, but you cannot move them from the G Drive to another folder. Similar to Google Music they seem to be only cached. For my purposes this severely limits the usefulness of the G Drive for my phone. While I can see that some files might be useful as a cache only version, saving space, etc... I do not typically have much need for this type of access. If I need to transfer a file to my phone for some reason I want unconditional access to the file. Oh well. I had high hopes. It certainly is not a Drop Box replacement. From what I can tell it works pretty well to move files between computers. I have to say I find the fact that the mobile app does not allow access to the actual files very odd. G Drive would have been an excellent tool to complement the excellent backup features Google provides to all Android phones. Having the ability to load files into your G Drive for access on an 'as needed' basis would have been perfect.

G+ Photos/Picasa and Music integration would be nice. Just give them a separate "folder," please. Something like Skydrive does, I guess. At a glance the "camera roll" directory created by my WP7 phone isn't counting toward my quota over there.

my question is, If i already have purchased space prior to google drive, does it now count as google drive space as well. I bought the yearly package of space for picasa/gmail ect about 3months ago at 85gigs or something. does this now count towards google drive?

Read above..

But basically, if you paid for Picasa before, you still keep it.

So I have a $5/yr 20GB addon for Picasa that now shows up as 25 (20 + 5 free) for Google Drive.

Nice deal :)

No, no Linux client yet. Hopefully that comes soon. No mention of it, though, and they just discontinued the Linux version of Picasa, so.... I don't know. I sure hope they make a Linux client for Google Drive, though.


I'm glad Google are staggering the release of the iPhone an iPad versions. They can see what its like to be treated as second class by an app developer for once.

Yeah iCloud is just Apple finally figuring out cloud computing is the future. The funny thing is is that Google cloud services does everything iCloud does and morre. But it does it across devices. Apples closed ecosystem in the end will be its downfall.

>"There's a desktop client for all this, too"

But not for Linux, as there is with Dropbox. Google should be whipped with a wet noodle.

Hi. I have Drive on my Samsung Galaxy SII. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to upload a file. If I open a file and edit it (say a spreadsheet), I can find no way to get the new version back on my GDrive. I can't "save as" to it. The Gdrive doesn't show up anywhere. I can't use my file manager because, again, the Gdrive doesn't show up. And I can't find any options or commands in Drive to upload files. Only things like "send" or "share". Does anyone know if there is any way to upload files? Thanks much.