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Google Docs and Google Sheets both have updates pushing out in force, and while neither has Android Wear support baked in — we can't even imagine that one — they have two things that were announced at Google I/O — support for Microsoft Office documents and a hint of the new Material Design language.

What's New for Google Sheets

  • Open, edit, and save Microsoft Excel files.
  • View charts, insert formulas, and use find/replace.

What's New for Google Docs

  • Open, edit, and save Microsoft Word documents

As you can see in the image at the top of the page, we also get some of that new paper and ink shadowy sexy that is Material Design, complete with the FAB (Floating Action Button). We like what we see here, both in the new features as well as the UI. Keep it coming Google!

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Reader comments

Google Docs and Sheets updated, edit MS Office files and see a hint of the new design


Anyone know if docs had support for the live chat when working on shared updates? Support for MSO stuff just made my day

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Nice update, documents I had with lots of words over 10k usually always took several minutes to load. Now they seem to load much quicker thanks Google.

Posted via Android Central App

just updated docs and sheets...still cant open xls natively in only lets me open them in quick office

I don't see the new paper and ink shadowy design. Honestly it looks no different than before. What am I missing? Can someone fill me in? Honest question.

It's always been easy to find something that could open you .docx files from Drive on Android. Where I really want editing added is on the web. Right now I'm stuck on OneDrive.