Google's Chromecast is quite the popular product, which launched in the UK for £30. If you thought this price was a little too steep for what was included in the box, it's now possible to pick up the Chromecast for just £18 – that's almost a 50 percent discount.

It's not known whether these new prices are a permanent change or simply a temporary sale, but Check out the following retailers to grab one for yourself:

Some retailers, including John Lewis, are still selling the Chromecast for £30 so be sure to have a shop around for the best prices from your favorite store. Seen better prices elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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Google Chromecast can be yours for just £18 in the UK


Damn, I ordered a Chromecast from Currys just yesterday at £20 and today its down to £18. Hmm I wonder if I ask nicely...

As a poor student £2 is a lot of money. Nah I'm really just a bit annoyed that it went on sale for £20 and then it was dropped less than 24 hours later to £18.

Yeah I ordered one for £20 this morning, not too fussed about two quid but it is sort of annoying lol.

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Yeah, it's £18 online now, I assure you it was £20 eight hours ago. Hence the minor irritation.

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Tesco are offering Clubcard Boost too. so if you have any loyalty point it only costs £9 worth of clubcard point. Absolute bargain. Plus they throw in £5 of credit on their movie store. They are practically giving this away!

Ordered mine! Be foolish to miss out. I would be miffed if I had picked one up recently at full price.

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Nice affiliate link there. Would be nice if you made people aware of that in your post.

For those who want to get it from John Lewis they do price match, you'll get much better customer service there.

There's one such link in this post. If it offends you you'll find everything you need to know here:

Google still give you £5 for every chromecast you buy as credit on the play store... so its even cheaper.

Second chromecast ordered!

I actually ordered from curry's this morning while it was at £20, after looking at their cancellation process I won't be ordering from them again on principle. They be tricksy.

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"that's almost a 50 percent discount."

It's exactly 40%, I wouldn't call a 40% discount "almost 50%" myself. But that's just me.

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Brought one, really is missing the UK demand apps like Itv player, 4od and demand 5.also screen mirroring is nice but wasteful when playing a video. The tablet or phone screen should turn off if your playing a video through mirroring. Makes no sense and is just a battery waste having both the TV and Tablet playing a video.

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