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Could Google use your location data to make you a better photographer? This patent application shows someone in Mountain View thinks so.

Google has filed for a patent that would adjust camera settings for optimal performance based on GPS coordinates and the current weather conditions.  Depending on where you are, and what the weather might be like if it's determined that you're outdoors, settings like white balance, ISO, exposure value and all those other camera settings most people never touch can be tweaked using the data collected. This means that the settings of the camera can be adjusted on-the-fly for the perfect shot.

We have no idea if Google will ever use this one, or if it's even a worthwhile feature, but Senior VP of engineering Vic Gundotra did promise making Nexus phones with "insanely great cameras".  And while we're over patents and the never-ending war that seems to go along with them, this one was too cool to not talk about.

Source: USPTO; via Engadget


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Google applies for patent to tie weather and location data to camera settings


This is a ridiculous patent! Why would a phone have to "guess" what the lighting conditions are based on theoretical data, when it can tell immediately once the sensor is turned on and looks?

I agree with crxssi. Don't screw up my picture based on data from "the cloud"; adjust my picture based on info the camera can perceive directly.

Maybe it will compliment & enhance the picture. Maybe it will take a bunch of pictures based on all kinds of parameters including this patent & you can pick the best one? Before bashing, let's see what its all about.

This is one of the most ridiculous, stupid concepts ever. What's next? Having your phone tell you that the traffic lights, that are right in front of you, have gone green, via wifi and location data?

Technology is going backwards here, making the convenient, inconvenient.

I believe the question should be: "Could Google set your brain completely off?"
"This patent application shows someone in Mountain View thinks so."

Isn't this something that falls under the category of not patentable? If it were a new kind of sensor that can detect the weather then yes patentable, but a software program that determines the weather based on your GPS location isn't. But the code can be copywrited. But others can write similar programs to do the same thing. I'm so sick of companies trying to patent ideas (concepts) to strong arm other companies who may come up with the same idea. And worse being granted them by the people who set the specifics that rule out ideas (concepts0 as being patentable.