Google+ is getting some love tonight. The latest version has just been pushed to the Android Market and should be showing up for most folks. If not, you'll just have to sit tight for a little while longer. This release -- created during the Ice Cream Sandwich developement brings a few changes to the table.

Most notably the UI and styling of the app is more in tune with how Android 4.0 looks and for those who loaded up the previously leaked version -- it will look familiar but others changes can be found within as well such as:

  • Battery life improvements
  • Navigation and performance improvements
  • Significant notifications improvements
  • Brand new posting UI
  • Several bug fixes
  • Support for Google Apps users
  • Ability to sign out
  • Add people to a circle from circle profiles

All in all, a nice update that will hopefully correct a lot of concerns some have had. You can fire up the Android Market or grab it from the link below, where you'll also find some more screenshots

Source: Ben Eidelston



Tablet widgets

Google+ tablet widgets


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Google+ for Android update now rolling out - UI changes and bug fixes aplenty


Lost widget & the app no longer opens. Uninstalled, cleared data & cache then re-installed and it's still borked. DInc2 stock gingerbread.

Mine's filed under "On SD card" but when I click it I only have the option to move to SD. Moved it there, and back, still no widget.


Update has a crazy amount of bugs now I have 2 google + apps and two messager apps. No widget, no hangout start Wtf is third an update or downgrade

No issues here. Sure, there are things I'd like to see that are not included with the update, but I like the update. Still blows away anything Facebook has done with the Android app.


Looks like they fixed the failing video uploads by removing video uploads all together.
Seems more like a trick then a treat.
Maybe they weren't expecting everyone to be loading videos and they couldn't handle the amount of storage.

'As far as I know', you obviously didn't look over the settings of the application before. I have had several videos upload fine before eventually failing and not being able to load more without a reinstall. Perhaps had you taken a video before you would have noticed that it uploaded, though you would have had to have been on wifi as default loaded with wifi only and obviously you wouldn't have gone into the settings to change video to wifi/data network upload.

Sorry, maybe I was harsh, but if I didn't say anything your misinformation would have been final.
In the future you may want to confirm what you are writing before posting.

Crap, this update won't open at all on my galaxy s2 epic 4g touch. I tried uninstalling reinstalling, and clearing data, but no good.

Well since this post is about an update, I feel this would be an appropiate place to ask. Is anyone else experiencing the market not updating apps? When I go to "my apps" on both my phone and my xoom, Its not showing me any apps that have a new upadate. Sometimes it will show like one app, but for didn't tell me that google+ had an update. I had to go to the the app page and manually update it from there. I've tried clearing data on the market app and still no difference.

If you have multiple Google accounts set up on your phone, make sure the Market is set to use the primary one. Mine keeps setting itself to the last account on the list, which causes the symptoms you describe.

Since I don't use G+ a lot and wanted the widget back, I reverted back to the previous version that I backed-up on my rooted TB.

How to downgrade after this update? This version sucks. A lot of problems to send and receive when you switching internet between mobile and wi-fi