Nest will continue to operate with current leadership

Google has announced that they will acquire Nest, makers of the popular smart thermostat and smoke alarm systems. In a post in the Investor Relations blog, Google CEO Larry Page says:

Nest’s founders, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, have built a tremendous team that we are excited to welcome into the Google family. They’re already delivering amazing products you can buy right now--thermostats that save energy and smoke/CO alarms that can help keep your family safe. We are excited to bring great experiences to more homes in more countries and fulfill their dreams!

Nest devices are popular among tech adopters, and should be a nice addition to Google's plans to make your home (or office) smarter. 

The current leadership, under Tony Fadell, will remain and Nest will continue to be their own separate entity. Given the recognition that the brand already has, and its reputation for solid and reliable products, this is the right move in our opinion.

With this acquisition, we expect Nest's mobile applications to become more robust and integrated on both Android and iOS. We look forward to see how this all plays out.

Source: Google Investor Relations

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I'm okay with this. Seems like a good combination and brings some people with good design credentials into Mountain View.

icebike says:

Good design credentials? Really?

Its not about the design, its about the functionality.

But even that is questionable. Learning thermostats have been around for decades. However, apparently the concept that you can't do that without tying it to the internet is somehow worth 3.2 billion.

Or is it that Google just wants to know what's going on in your house.

Nest is a good product, but it is neither revolutionary nor necessary to do what it does via the internet.

brendilon says:

"Or is it that Google just wants to know what's going on in your house."
Google can get far more information on what's going on inside your house from your smartphone than it ever could from a Nest thermostat. Put down the tinfoil hat.

icebike says:

Well maybe from YOUR smartphone.
Not everyone takes their phone to bed.

brendilon says:

But you take your thermostat to bed? Weirdo...

icebike says:

Yes, its in the bedroom. Its in every room. What kind of a cave do you live in?

drokssilva says:

Most houses have 1 or 2 thermostats.

Posted from my Nexus 7(2013).

josheron says:

Except in Costa Rica. Here we don't need termostats. Nice weather all year. :)

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Jay Holm says:

Show off!!!

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It does air con too

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Mac58 says:

And so you charge your smartphone in a separate room at night?
FYI my thermostat is in my living room not in every room

tr-1 says:

OK so let's pretend Google will know what temp your bedroom is (although it was the agreement not to share info with Google, but let's just pretend).
Sooooo, what's the big deal? I'm really puzzled here because you seem to be very stressed out about nothing... Literally

Jay Holm says:

Agree!!! Joe Schmo down the street has his thermostat set at 68, big frinkin deal!

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XavierMatt says:

Do you even know what a thermostat is? There should not be one in every room. One or two for the entire house. Really only one.

Editor in chief of

brendilon says:

Most homes have at most one per floor. As an architect I can speak pretty authoritatively on that one.

I do! We have a wireless thermostat so that the central heating keeps the room you are in at the right temperature rather than the hallway

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If something is designed well, it will usually function well. Design isn't only the visual.

Plus Google knows more about you than you think. And unless you do a 180°, they already know what you will likely be doing. Its laughable that a thermostat (in its current design) will be a peephole into your personal life. The patents and design that Nest offers are more likely to do with Googles Algorithms and interest in connected homes as a whole.

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Jay Holm says:

Precisely! The connected home is something that is long, long over due!

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frettfreak says:

+1 to that!! How long has it been since the jetsons?? Really!!! This needs to happen now.

However, wasnt one of the nest guys one of the original people that did something with the iphone? Maybe has patents that were given to him (or at least the rights) and google wants those. Who knows. But i am still ok with google knowing what temp my house is. lol

ddot196 says:

Wow that is an interesting acquisition but I am excited to see this nonetheless! This is one thing I look forward to buying once I get my own place and out of this apartment. Hopefully we see google integrate into it soon on some fashion.

ConTejas says:

Trust me, when you get your own place these products will quickly move down your list of things you need or want to have for quite some time.

Scotty Olsen says:

I'd be interested to see how this impacts Nest products being sold in Apple stores and on the Apple website.

Jay Holm says:

I wouldn't know, cause you'll neverrrrr find me at an apple store or on their website!

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I think I read today that Nest products have been pulled from Apple stores now.

dsignori says:

Great. I LOVE my NEST thermostat, this is good news I think.

icebike says:

See how you like it when they end-of-life it in 3 years because it doesn't bring in any advertising revenue.

return_0 says:

Can't find your way to iMore?

(not actually bashing iMore here, just referencing it because it's an Apple news site)

JFMobile says:

L.O.L. rude, but lol

Obskure says:

Where does this all fit in with Android@home? Integration, revival etc... This is going to be interesting, I hope!!

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Somewhere... Hopefully

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CobraKahn#AC says:

Super. I want a Nest alarm system, Nest video monitoring and Nest light switches to go with my Nest thermostat and smoke alarms. It is the best connected thermostat by far. These guys are interface geniuses and the home automation market could use a lot of help.

Honis says:

I was thinking they were going this route (connected light switches, outlets, remote thermostats, vents, etc.) but then they released the smoke detectors. Granted, they have temp sensors inside of them but I was hoping for an ecosystem by now.

Ry says:

Congrats Nest team.

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sirmium says:

as long as you don't have to have Google+ to use it... getting fed up with shoving Google+ down my throat.

frettfreak says:

yet you probably just logged into this site with your facebook account.... cause you know. Thats TOTALLY different.

So sick of hearing this from idiots. They arent shoving it down your throat. They dont put the app on your phone and make you use it. You just have to use THE SAME EMAIL YOU PROBABLY USE ALREADY USE (gmail because i am pretty sure you had to set one up at some point) and say yes, i want a g+ account. i know i know. SUPER DIFFICULT, but take your time, breathe and it will be ok.

hopefulfarm says:

Skynet moves ever closer to taking over the world

bigtank says:

dont talk about our overlords in that manner sir

still1 says:

whats Nest's revenue??? seems like 3.2bn is bit too much

vansmack says:

Their 2013 numbers aren't out yet, but last year they realized $119 million on the thermostat's alone.

So let's assume that increased, and they added a new product in time for Christmas (Smoke / CO detectors), revenue's might reach $400 million this year.

So Google paid roughly 8x the current revenue, but they keep the staff too.

Most importantly, Nest hasn't sold the data they collect with Nest devices - I suspect Google is planning on doing a lot with that data and that was a high value proposition in the acquisition.

brendilon says:

More importantly, it gives them a guaranteed partner for their smart home programs.

icebike says:

Seems to me Nest just sold the data. Along with everything else.

The The ARCHOS Smart Home doesn't need to call home with every piece of data.

Darth Spock says:

It seems like a division of data is part of the agreement.

Intellectual property?

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frettfreak says:

thats my thought really. Yeah, it will give google a good place to start with their automated home stuff but who knows what patent rights these guys got from their crApple buddies.

xsibleyx03 says:

One day Google will be a part of every part of our lives.

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DataHawg says:

I would rather pay Google for home security than Xfinity or AT&T.

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icebike says:

Or you could go with Brinks or one of the other big boys.
At least they won't sneak the NSA into your kitchen (or worse).

brendilon says:

"At least they won't sneak the NSA into your kitchen (or worse)."
You actually think Brinks is any more digitally secure or independent than Google? Really?

icebike says:

Yes, because brinks only knows about tripped alarms, not where you are and how many people are there with you all the time.

No, but these systems have the ability to monitor and control many aspects of your home, including thermostat, lights, and your locks.

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brendilon says:

And Brinks is just as vulnerable to the NSA as anyone else. Last I looked Google had no way of knowing when I open a door or window. Brinks can.

Honis says:

Assuming you have a Google phone, monitoring your position (through their many forms of GPS) against where they expect walls to be (from their maps data), finding out where you have doors and assuming you have just gone through a door would be easy for them.

Also, if they tracked your path (while carrying your phone) through your house they could probably come up with a pretty accurate floor plan.

I'm not trying to imply they are doing the above things, but you mentioned they can't when they most certainly could if they wanted to pull the data together.

richard451 says:

Just out of curiosity, just which companies do you think Google is selling this information to? That's right, Brinks!

hmmm says:

Eh, that kind of sucks. Let me guess, you have to have a google+ account after that and your efficiency gets posted to your circles? Man, nest just went way down in desirability in my book. I like google for the most part but don't want them in all of my business.

codiusprime says:

I like how you have literally no idea what Google plans to do with the current nest systems, if anything, yet you've already decided it's a bad thing. Can I borrow your crystal ball braj?

brendilon says:

Then don't buy a Nest. They have competitors.

return_0 says:

Lol, so a company goes down in desirability for you when Google acquires it? Guess you don't like Android either, then?

Hopefully UK compatibility for the thermostat is not too far away - I've wanted one for a while now.

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mlsanders says:

Seems like I remember you guys just talking about Google needing to buy Nest on a recent podcast... See, wishes can come true! I think this is good news and am excited to see what they will do with this over the next couple years.

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heathroi says:

you know, I could think of better things to spend 200+ bucks on.

cpolism says:

No no...It's $249.

1LoudLS says:

I think that is what the "+" means in $200+...

return_0 says:

Knowing Google, they will probably cut the price in half :P

TonyHoyle says:

They just paid 3.2bn for it. Gotta get some of that back.

$250 for a thermostat? Seriously? Even the overpriced wireless one I got was 1/3 of that (needed it in a hurry so couldn't wait for a decently priced via internet shopping).

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powerboyd says:

3.2 billion seems like they over paid....

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paulheu says:

Not when you consider how valuable the data they will collect from these thermostats will be to them. Google will know how you set them, when your zones changes temp so when you move about, They will know when you are out and when you get back in.

brendilon says:

"They will know when you are out and when you get back in."
yeah, next thing you know they'll convince us to carry GPS locators all the time!

Seriously, those tinfoil hats would be more useful in improving the reception of your cable tv.

Coming soon to your Nest Protect Fire Alarm: You can skip this ad in 5 seconds.

jwyche007 says:

Getting tired of these retarded comments. No one is forcing any one to use this stuff and I strongly suspect the people complaining aren't even the ones who use nest to begin with.

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icebike says:

Yeah, heaven forbid you ever have to see a comment from someone who hasn't drunk the koolaid.

brendilon says:

And heaven forbid anyone question the idiots running around with tinfoil hats on...

It was mostly a joke, but to be honest I just started getting ads in my gmail app, YouTube via chromecast plays an ad almost every other video. It's annoying enough that I've stopped using chromecast for YouTube.

return_0 says:

How does Chromecast affect ads on YouTube? It literally takes whatever's playing on your computer/phone/tablet and plays it on your TV. The ads you're seeing are from YouTube; they have no relation to the Chromecast.

Darth Spock says:

That, and Google has demonstrated a very high quality and high fidelity string of acquisitions recently where the promise to leave the subsidy autonomous was kept to an astounding degree.

This doom and gloom stuff every time they take a step to improve services even further is just silly. Not all change is bad, not all change is good. Maybe people should read the details of the agreement and/or see what happens before freaking out.

Mike Kister says:

From reading your posts it sounds like you have drunk plenty yourself.

nickacs says:

yea well I hate you too, so f off! LMAO.. Your right, I don't use Nest and never will. Overpriced piece of junk that my current digital thermostat does perfectly fine for $0. LOL

sectime says:

Thermostat: you turned the temp up are you sick?
Me: yes
Thermostat: the closest Walgreens is 1.2 miles would you like directions on your phone ?


Maybe we'll eventually get a Google now card for this :/

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

"Your house is on fire." Alongside a real time satellite image of your house burning!

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Gekko says:

$3.2B? sheesh. congrats to the founders but damn that seems high!

Google in the home!

I guess we can kiss that Windows Phone app goodbye now

Why do you say that? Its true Google doesn't want to invest resources in WP with its tiny market share but the app is already designed and more importantly you missed the part about them retaining their existing leadership.

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John-Smith says:

A $3.2 billion thermostat.. Wowza

Cubfan says:

Coming to a home near you... Chromenest.

tigerchilly says:

I own two fast food chicken shops(chicken hut) im waiting for you to make me an offer i can't refuse.

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icebike says:

Just add seemingly "user friendly" tracking of all your customers purchases, with invites to their google plus circles. You too could be a 3billionair.

MetalMike901 says:

Maybe goog will lower the price to a more realistic $100.

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jdbii says:

3.2 billion for a thermostat. Yeah, I know, its more like Brinks or ADT Security and Google is making a move into connected homes, but it just seems out of whack when I can a thermostat for 5 bucks.

yankeesusa says:

If you think one of the $20 thermostat does the same job as a smart thermostat wether it's a nest or honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat then you probably think that insulation doesn't work and double pane windows aren't energy efficient. That's fine I'll continue saving money on my electric bill.

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Jay Holm says:


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mattopotamus says:

thank you so much for this post. I think you were the first person who actually owns one to comment. I myself bought one a few months ago and it has saved me about 20% on my electric bill. In other words, I have paid for the cost of the nest in just a few months.

mssca says:

Next step,

Google Inc. would like to control your home temperature. Did you also know they would like to let other Google users also see what temperature conditions you have at home?

How cool is that? The whole world would know when you is your "out of home" conditions. Yep... That's sound great for the consumers.

mrtouchedme says:


Barely posted from the shittiest device I've ever owned Samsung Lag-axy S3

Jay Holm says:

S3, laggy, really? Do a factory reset, clear your cache, close apps, there are quite a few things to make sure a smartphone is running smooth. The S3 is a fine, and very capable smartphone.

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mrtouchedme says:

You can like cheap, shitty things. I'm entitled to my opinion, based on my experience since the first disappointing day.

Barely posted from the shittiest device I've ever owned Samsung Lag-axy S3

L0N35T4R says:

Any reputable cell-phone carrier has something like a 30 day return policy....don't like your phone? Take it back and swap it out.

MC_A_DOT says:


Jay Holm says:

There is this thing called "settings" where all sorts of things can be checked or unchecked. Stop being a paranoid freak, and learn how to control YOUR user experience!

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return_0 says:


jerrykur says:

I am not sure if I should be happy or sad that my home HVAC system is incompatible with Nest devices.

Amarrero83 says:

Dang. Do those thermostats print money or what? Geez google. I hope you don't end up scrapping this project like many others before cause this one is one hell of a buy.

nickacs says:

LMAO..Nest is SOOOO overrated and ridiculously expensive for just getting a "brand name". These kinds of thermos have been around for years and there's better ones out there and less.
Whooopie, big news! HAHAHAHA

Cubfan says:

This is why nobody from Google will ever be cast on Shark Tank.

Mac58 says:

Lmao I don't think Google has ever invested money in something they dontbsee potential in. If you own stock in Google be happy, seeing as Google has a pretty good track record for making good things great. If u don't own stock in google, well then its not really up to you to tell Google what to do with their money. If you don't the idea of this merger, don't buy nests products. I for one and interested to see where this goes, until then, I'll grab my popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show.

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

I kinda disagree.

Yes, Google has an AMAZING track record of making good products great, but IMO, the exception is YouTube.

From forced G+ integration to the copyright disaster on YouTube gamers, it seems YouTube is slowly falling down the drain.

Nevertheless, I agree with you mostly, but ever since Google bought YouTube, it seems to be getting worse, at least from my PoV.

Grahaman27 says:

They have fixed it. Google actually listens sometimes.

I don't see it getting worse. Its clean, they upped the max video limit (it was 10 min before google) and now you can upload 4k. Name another service like it.

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D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

You make a good point.


Also, this is from my perspective, in case some of you didn't notice. :P

return_0 says:

Just wondering, did you use YouTube in 2005? Granted, I haven't, but while not everyone may like the recent changes, I guarantee you YouTube today is better than it was before Google purchased it in 2006 (which, by the way, was only a year after YouTube's founding).

K White1 says:

I need to replace my "dumb" thermostat with a Nest. It seems so convenient.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

I don't know why, but I'm kinda worried about this.

Nevertheless, congrats to the Nest team!

Let's hope that great things are in store for them.

This will definitely be incorporated into Google Now. Lights, coffee, delayed dishwasher start, garage doors. There are a lot of interesting hone automations. Can you imagine waking up. Coffee starts brewing, and your usual morning ritual of a shower and anything else starts for you? Genius.

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Abionic says:

Eh... Google trying to future proof their income streams.

Posted via Android Central App via HTC One

Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

Jay Holm says: this "icebike" guy running a secret maphia out of his house? He sure is one heck of a paranoid fellow!!!

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BldyIdt says:

He/She makes the comments section even better than the one on WPCentral :D

brendilon says:

He/She/It isn't usually this bad.

Im not sure how I feel about this. Ive been an early user of Nest since it came out. I even got the latest one to replace my V1 and use the smoke detectors as well. The internet connectivity is nice for monitoring the house when away and getting it cool for me when I arrive home in the summer here in Arizona. I also like to see my energy reports every month and the tips to save.

Google just better not have ad sense pop up on the damn thing every time I walk by it now! They better not screw it up and kill them off. If solid improvements come out, good on them. I just dont see how its a relevant product for them right now other than it being a "smart" device.

CrazeOKC says:

That screen will be worth a fortune in advertising revenue..

asnigro says:

I plan on getting two Honeywell's with wifi for $200 total versus paying $500 for two Nests.

In either case, I'm sitting in my bed/couch/kitchen table or offsite using my smartphone app to turn up/down the temp.

Am I missing the advantage of the "learning" capability versus a 7 day programmable?

L0N35T4R says:

Their pitch is "programming thermostats is hard and complicated"

Which, if you frequent this site, you'll likely think that's a crappy excuse to get people to buy. It's not hard to program your thermostat.

Anything that ventures from your daily routine (think sick day), you already have to adjust your 'old school' thermostat. Just like a Nest.

Maybe the Nest is for people that are lazy? While I don't research this all day 24/7, I've yet to find someone that owns a Nest that says this recognizably and legitimately saves them money.

Last time I was there, I think Costco had the Wifi-enabled Honeywell for $99.

Is a touchscreen, Apple-esque design, and monthly report worth $250? Unsure at this point.