HTC One in gold

Bag a champagne gold HTC One without a monthly contract

We were pleasantly surprised by the gold HTC One when we got our hands on the device recently. But until now UK buyers have been limited to picking up the golden phone through Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u, both of which have been limiting sales of the device to on-contract customers. Today UK retailer Expansys sends word that it's begun stocking the gold HTC One, which it's selling SIM-free for £479.99 a pop. That's not cheap, especially with a new flagship phone from HTC expected in the next month or so — but if you absolutely must have the HTC One in this exclusive color then it's probably your best bet.

Hit the source link for the product listing, and check out our hands-on feature with the gold HTC One for to get a closer look.

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Source: Expansys

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Anon8154066 says:

I quite enjoy the hint of gold eg this case for my Nexus 5-

But an all gold phone and paying that extra premium for it hmm-pass.

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samxool says:

Copy apple much??

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Hunter Petit says:


Posted from the Google Nexus 7 2012 via Android Central App

Why does everyone say "copy apple"

In response I'll just say LG Prada

Apple do not create everything, and we have had gold phones for years... Even before android and iOS.... Imagine that

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Anon8154066 says:

Are you sure Apple were the first to produce a Gold phone?

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solidman241 says:

Wasnt it samsung

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DroidOn says:

How come no news on this site about the apparent kit Kat update to the HTC One in France?

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Alex Dobie says:

Because as far as we can tell it's not happening yet. French carrier SFR said it'd received the firmware for certification. That doesn't mean an OTA is going out as some have incorrectly reported.

Dara Ali says:

Could you make a video on how to get the latest version of android on the HTC one mini

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3Dee says:


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raguram88 says:

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