CES Android App

We're about a week away from the insanity that is the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas. That's the little show with 120,000 or so of our closest friends in the desert oasis. Like we said -- insanity. And even for the most seasoned attendee, finding your way through the Las Vegas Convention Center can be a bit daunting. (We never did find last year's intern.)

That's where the official CES Android app comes in. Its usefulness as far as scheduling is debatable, and the app itself isn't all that great. But where we've found it invaluable is in its ability to look up a booth's location in the LVCC, or at the Venetian, or any of the other little corners we'll find ourselves tucked into over the course of the show.

One thing it won't help you with is the lack of sleep. But if you need a little help finding your way around, start with this app. We've got download links after the break. And if you're in Vegas, be sure to say hi!


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Going to CES? Don't forget the CES Android app


I too am hoping for some great new devices. The Rezound/Razor/Nexus aren't anything on Verizon I want to blow my upgrade on and I desperately want to get off this Droid Charge.

Isn't there some major announcement coming from Intel + Samsung on some new Galaxy phone running Android 4+ coming to Sprint ?

Got any source on that? That would be great if that's true. Been waiting for Sprint to come back with something big. I've been very close to jumping ship to Big Red, but thought I'd wait after CES before I make that decision.

Edit: Nevermind the source. I just googled it. :)

It's the Intel Medfield chipset you're referring to, and it the product partner showing a unit is LG, not Samsung