Movie tie-in being shown off at GDC ahead of debut

The new Godzilla movie hits movie theaters this May and Godzilla - Smash 3 will be rampaging on to Android and iOS right along side it. The first mobile Godzilla game, Smash3 will shown off this week at GDC in San Francisco. According to the developers it's a mix of "rampage-style and puzzle" with some pretty nice looking graphics, too.

We're on the ground all week at GDC so keep it locked to Android Central all week for the very best the show has to offer!


Reader comments

Godzilla - Smash3 wreaking havoc on Android this May


Entertaining background graphics to what seems as though a puzzle game. I can assume after a while of playing the puzzle game that the stuff going on in the background would just be an annoyance. It would be entertaining at first; but only at first. Quality of the puzzle game is what matters beyond the initial fun background smash action.

Yes! Godzilla! I grew up watching the Godzilla movies. The 1998 movie was good, but didn't really "feel" like a Godzilla movie. I guess we'll see what they do with the new one this year. And the idea of a tie-in game is cool, so long is it's not just "we made a half-a$$ed just game to advertise our movie" kinda thing.