Xperia go

Sony's just announced one of their newest phones, the Xperia go, for the active and rugged Android user who still wants a sleek, top-notch device. You can expect all of the good stuff we've grown used to from Sony's products, like their Reality Displays that use the mobile BRAVIA engine to keep things looking great and a "fast capture camera" that can go from sleep to snap in just over a second.

It looks like an exciting phone, to be sure, and for all the deets, the full presser is after the break.

Introducing Xperia go - the new stylish, durable and water resistant smartphone from Sony

30 May, London, United Kingdom – Sony Mobile Communication (“Sony Mobile”) today announced the new Xperia™ smartphone for consumers looking for premium specifications and beautiful design with extra durability and water resistance. Xperia go has a scratch resistant mineral glass display and meets industry standard IP ratings* (International Protection) for protection against dust and water immersion.

Xperia go enables easy connectivity to share and enjoy content on TV, smartphone, laptop or tablet. They also come preloaded with Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited from Sony Entertainment Network giving access to Hollywood blockbusters, TV series and millions and millions of music tracks. Xperia go will be available in the UK from the third quarter of 2012.

Key features for Xperia go

With Xperia go consumers can watch the latest movies and TV shows in razor sharp quality and with super fast performance. Its sleek and stylish design means durable and water resistant smartphones no longer have to look bulky and ruggedized:

  • 3.5” Reality Display powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine gives razor sharp clarity
  • 5MP fast capture camera goes from sleep to snap in just over a second
  • Scratch resistant mineral glass display with wet finger tracking
  • Highest level of dust and water resistance in a smartphone – IP67 Rating
  • 1Ghz dual core processor gives consumers super fast performance
  • Launching on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), upgradeable to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Available in black, white and yellow colours
  • Xperia go will launch in the US market under the name “Xperia advance”

*IP67 Rating = Protected against dust and the effects of immersion between 15 cm and 1 m for 30 minutes

About Sony Mobile Communications

Sony Mobile Communications is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation, a leading global innovator of audio, video, game, communications, key device and information technology products for both the consumer and professional markets. With its music, pictures, computer entertainment and online businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the leading electronics and entertainment company in the world. Through its Xperia™ smartphone portfolio, Sony Mobile Communications delivers the best of Sony technology, premium content and services, and easy connectivity to Sony’s world of networked entertainment experiences. For more information:


Reader comments

Go for a swim, take along your water-resistant Xperia go


Even though these phones claim to be water resistant (nothing is water proof, they stopped using that term for a lot of products because it's a get out of jail free card when the product doesn't stop the water damage) I'd never deliberately put them in water or use them in a swimming pool. I'd just have the satisfaction of knowing that if I accidentally dropped it into a puddle, spilt a glass of liquid on it etc that it is much more likely to come out the other side ok then a normal phone. In short I'm liking the water resistant tech finally filtering into consumer tech products like smartphones :) it's been in the lab for long enough haha

The term waterproof is still used. my Kodak sport is "waterproof (up to 3 meters)" as long as they put a measurement they're OK. I don't like the word resistant. My otterbox is water resistance but not submergable. Seems like this phone is only good for one meter. That's not great. and the 3.5 screen? no thanks.

I would agree I would not take any if these water resistant phones into water. Water resistant is based off everything been completely still (eg phone and water), at 1 meter moving the phone can create pressures equivalent to over 10 meters.

Water proof tends to refer to an operational depth (eg i can move and use the item to the rated depth), so something water proof to 40 meter is good for a recreational diver. If you want something that is measured as water resistant you would need at least water resistant 200 meters. Water proof items are still susceptible to failure, which is more likely when it has deteriorated from age or lack of care.

Some items (eg watches) are not allowed to use the term water proof.

I just had to compliment you on using e.g. instead of i.e..

....o.k., I'm totally bored. This comment was a waste of time for everyone involved. My apologies...

Please don't headline a story about a waterproof phone and then not elaborate about that. Yes, I know you changed the headline to water resistant, but there is very little in the story about that feature. Good news is that you got a page hit and a comment out of me. Please spend more time on the feature in the headline. Thanks.

Every phone should have at least this level of water resistance, and it would be nice to have one that is truly made for submersion. People are willing to pay a big premium for that, anybody who buys active gear knows this all too well.

I actually like the small screen on this kind of device. Running with a Galaxy Note in your pocket would be pretty annoying.