Glass XE16 update

XE16 is pushing out right now to Google Glass users. As we mentioned yesterday, this brings the platform to KitKat and has a handful of changes and new features.

First you'll be updated to XE 12.1, which gets things prepared for the real update, which comes right after. It's a big download and a long install, but things do change noticeably afterward.

We're having a look at what's new and how well it works — here are a few initial things we notice:

  • The update process requires you to be plugged in and takes a good 20 minutes total.
  • New fancy boot animation that starts with the "A" while GL_SS fades in around it.
  • Like previous updates, there were quite a few app crashes and some sluggishness after the update.
  • Multiple pictures are grouped nicely into a collage layout in a single card that make them easier to browse through without clogging up your main timeline.
  • Voice commands are now re-sorted in order of how often you use them — "Google" isn't even the first option.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE is now supported, but we'll have to see how that helps battery life over time.
  • Video Calls are indeed gone from the command list.
  • Volume was set to 100% after the update.

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Reader comments

Glass update XE16 now rolling out


got home and plugged mine in. made dinner and prepped some dough for a loaf of bread and it still says updating. im not sure when the update started though from when i had plugged it in.

The update broke the auto head detection for me. It won't work or calibrate now. But besides that KitKat works great

After the update, the feature didn't work and when I tried to recalibrate it, the calibration failed everytime. I even rebooted glass after the update and it still didn't work. It's pretty fustrating.

Head detection worked for me after the update, and I re-calibrated just to make sure. No issues here. I'd try a reboot or two and re-calibrate again.

For me, the volume was set to 50% after the upgrade. Also, every app crashed after the first boot and the device became unresponsive after I cleared all the error messages. Seems fine after a hard reboot though.

Mine is still pretty sluggish after the update. Gonna do a factory reset and see if that helps. I also don't have access to my sideloaded apps anymore.

Sounds like it's worth taking my V2 out the box. I haven't even touched it since I was upgraded in February.