Optimus S themes

If you're rocking an Optimus S on Sprint, and we know a lot of you are, here's one more reason to hack the daylights out of it -- the Theme Team.  Android Central developers jstntp and jondevere have been busy in the kitchen, and some kick ass themes are the result.  There's sure to be something there to suit your tastes, and everything is well organized with easy to follow instructions.  Chances are, if you're running custom software on your Optimus S you already know these guys, and the awesome level of support that comes with.  We're lucky to have them.

The themes are built for the following ROMs:

Enough talk.  Get in to the Optimus forums and give it all a look-see.  You'll be glad you did.

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PingaDulce says:

First post, YES!!!!!!

Nice set of themes... looking good.

I have that super sexy background.

srkmagnus says:

There are some great themes put together by these Dev's -- keep up the good work!

Don't forget - they also have themes for the Optimus V.

icebike says:


Hey Jerry, you guys ever go back and look at the comments on old stories. Keep scrolling download.

What's up with all that?

mrrobotanger says:

That's a lot of text

xploPR says:

this is like so ILEGAL!!

VagrantRadio says:

That theme seriously makes my eyes burn. Ugly as hell.