GitHub hits 1 million mark

On July 24, the online code hosting and storage site GitHub hit a huge milestone -- 1 million projects hosted.  That's a whole lotta source code!  GitHub is important to Android, as many of our developers host code there (including Android favorite CyanogenMod), and the Linux kernel itself is hosted there.  It's great seeing open source flourish in today's competitive market.

GitHub is a free service, and they stay afloat by offering private code repositories to large corporations and software companies.  Anyone thinking of starting an open-source project would be wise to consider using their services.  [Github via TechCrunch]


Reader comments

GitHub reaches 1 million code repositories


Congrats to GitHub. It seems like between them and GoogleCode Sourceforge has almost been forgotten for new projects.

Might be worth noting that the linux kernel is officially hosted at The repository on github is just one of many mirrors.

Also, while github is free as in beer, it is not free as in freedom. Folks interested in hosting somewhere that they can see (and help improve) the code used to run the service might be more interested in a site like