Ashley and Georgia stab hate at the Playstation Vita's proprietary memory sticks, talk after-date communication protocols and keeping your timeline clean, get challenged by the CrackBerry Nation, and give their holiday device, accessory, and app picks! This is Girls Gone Gadgets!


Girl eyes for the gadget guys

  • After a date, so you wait for the guy to contact you first? How long should you wait? Has SMS and BBM replaced the phone call for pre- and post-date banter?
  • Adult language -- is it okay over BBM? SMS? On semi-public sites like Twitter or Facebook? Do I need to keep my timeline clean? What about during a date? Can I go all Samuel L Jackson -- or Ashley Esqueda -- on them?

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Reader comments

Girls Gone Gadgets 02: 2011 gadget gift guide


That's what I'm talking bout!!!

Let's see some skin!

80% of all users are male.

So, lets pump it up to 90%


(User viewage went up by 67%)

Pathetic. Really...?
You're who gives guys a bad name.

Ever heard of 4chan? youporn? xtube? You're at the wrong site buddy.

I think both of these gals are both cool and cute, BUT this is seriously painful to listen to. Georgia seems shy and Ashley does not have the pep I'm used to in the Monday briefing. Maybe they need more time to get comfortable together.

Georgia? Shy?

Haven't been to Tipb lately have you? Other than being the only staffer on any SPE site who does not have a last name, she's not what I'd call shy.

This Ashley chick is nerve wrecking. I don't mind cursing , but you have to know where to place them , its almost like shes going out of her way to sound fowl.

And to say the Vita is gonna fail , and not to come up with a better reason other then you don't want to buy their memory duo makes no sense. Could it be shes not into portable gaming in the first place?
Did she own the first PSP, or Go?

Please kill this show off , or find another girl to go with Georgia

Or just .... SHOW SOME SKIN!!!

You just pulled some girls off the streets,,probably some friends or GF's of somebody you know.

Geeze, there are some out of work actresses...

But if you can't sport the bucks... Well, SHOW US SOME SKIN!

Okay, from your first comment above I felt sorry for you, now I think you're either eleven years old or trolling.

I stopped watching the last 2 videos the second they started talking about dating. Seriously, know your audience. We're men, but we're not all 12.

Clean up the language! Good Grief, I can't even watch this with kids in the room. Until you do so, I will not be watching.

Georgia looked confused with the other chick and like she was waiting for her to shut up so she could talk. Ashley like to sprinkle curse words throughout the show, which is fine, if you know how and when to use them. Her'

Watched up till they talked about dating.....honestly dating? Oh a gadget show for a 'mobile' conglomerate? Dump this one, or
Phil lets not post the next one ok? It was beyond horrible, generally the 'production' here is a bit on the rough side for these type of things but this was just......bad.

How does Georgia have a job? Every time she speaks it's only about 30% on topic, it's rarely on topic and she doesn't shut the hell up.

You should call that, "Bimbos who have no business talking about anything gone stupid..." They're easy on the eyes, but that trainwreck was hard to watch.

Sure, they have some kinks to work out, but I found the podcast to be amusing. This isn't a slick TV production, so I think some people may be expecting too much.