Flemish Gingerbread

When you think of Belgium, lots of delicious things come to mind -- truffles, to-die-for dark chocolate, waffles, and now Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  Android developer Christophe Versieux, author of the BeTrains Belgium app, sent us in a little tip that he has found an honest-to-goodness Gingerbread user running his app.  The user string: "Dalvik/1.4.0 (Linux; U; Android Gingerbread Build/GRH14B )" lets us know that someone is running it outside of Google's Mountain View campus, and we know the build number. (Whether that ends up being the "release" build is anyone's guess; remember how many versions of Froyo we went through on the Nexus One.) Now all we need is the official announcement.  Thanks Christophe!

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callderek#AC says:


Petas says:

Don't forget about the beer, sheesh...that's the best one.

Yes the best beers are from Belgium.

shhon75 says:

Blue Moon with orange slices in the mug. Can't beat that. The best beer hands down. Blue Moon FTW! OH yeah if I were with Verizon I would get the DInc, but I have the N1 on T-MO. It's the best, I'll get gingerbread 2.3 first.

briankurtz79 says:

Blue moon is a "Belgian style" beer. Its made by Coors and the citrus is added after its brewed. Fyi.

How about Hoegaarden?

uansari1 says:

...and don't forget Dr. Evil.

Smokexz says:

Urgh I am still extremely antsy... I want a Nexus S BADLY.

Delirium Tremens hands down, one of the best beer from Belgium.

KwietStorm says:

I'm already burnt out on Gingerbread. Seriously. Getting overloaded with every little tidbit has turned me off somewhat.

gcims says:

Oh c'MON! Chimay Red Label. Corked bottle. Those monks are celibate and put all that energy into making an ale that is like drinking a loaf of rye bread.