Desire HD and Incredible S

Over-the-air updates to Android 2.3 Gingerbread are now available for the HTC Desire HD and Incredible S, according to a new post on HTC's European support site. Owners of both devices should head over to Settings -> About Phone -> System Software Updates to grab this latest update to Android and HTC Sense. If you have a Desire HD, you should be updated to firmware version 2.36.405.5. On the Incredible S you'll get version 2.12.405.7.

There are reports on multiple forums that these updates are indeed rolling out to the masses, so if you don't see it right away then hold tight -- it should be with you before too long.

Remember, as ever, that if your phone is carrier-branded (which is usually the case if you bought it at a subsidized price), then you'll need to wait for your network to approve this update before it's pushed out to you.

Source: HTC Europe; via: Engadget


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Gingerbread OTA updates for HTC Desire HD and Incredible S rolling out


Just root and install this (or one of the many ROMs already built on this release). Waiting for AT&T is never a good plan.

Sprint is probably gong to make us wait until the EVO 3-D has been released, seen a spike then a drop in sales and a third of all EVO 4G owners have upgraded or switched to another phone. I'm not holding my breath. Personally, I'm starting to get really irritated with the tactics of all of the carriers AND the handset manufacturers.

Hear hear. I recall a distant memory of a Verizon sheet claiming the Dinc would see Gingerbread before it was given it's farewell...

Mytouch 4G?? Is rooted but I don't like the version that's out right now. I just did it to delete pre installed apps :)

Does anyone know where the funky old school tv style switch off went or is it the stock gingerbread that does that?cheers.