GetGlue is a great social networking application for those of us who enjoy sitting at home watching movies, TV shows, and listening to various musical artists. The Android version of the application has been a bit behind in the looks category in comparison to the iOS version, but luckily they have not forgotten about us, just put it out a little bit later. Today GetGlue has released an updated that brings a great new interface to the same great application. Hit the break for some more photos and download links.




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GetGlue for Android receives a facelift, new interface with the same great features


I've been falling in love with IntoNow. It's accuracy is pretty jawdropping. Not sure if this was always there, or fixed in an update, but it used to identify shows even during commercial. Now, it just tells you you're watching a commercial

Short story: Has anyone used this and GetGlue? Which do you prefer?

For some reason the link to the market doesn't work. This one works:

I'm glad to see that this app has finally been updated. The previous version was nothing more than a sub-par front-end for the website. It was slow and felt like it was developed by someone just learning to develop for Android. I hope this one is a vast improvement.

Edit: And it's still a front-end for their website. Basically the developer learned a bit more of Android and upgraded the experience to be slightly less awful. GoMiso still has a far better app, but their service doesn't allow for as many different media check-ins (i.e. games and music) or as many badges.

I really don't get the appeal of these social media check ins. ..well, I understand it from a marketing point of view, but what's the benefit to the users?

Do they offer discounts/sales for checking in? Or do users just think these things are actually interesting enough to share on facebook..? (Hey everybody! I'm playing a video game! I'm tying my shoes! Now I'm having coffee! Isn't this interesting!?)

I was a sticker collector a a child so this gives me that fun back again. Ordering sets of 20 every month is a bit sad as I have amassed over 1800. I can't wait to try the new version as all my stickers that I own read like I never earned them. Plus, the glitches in trying to read comments were horrible. Very laggy, very old and very crappy on the MT4G. YAY FOR THE UPGRADE... I hope...