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13,000 Marvel comic books at your disposal on your Android smartphone or tablet for $9.99 per month

Comic book fans are sure to be excited for this one, for Marvel Unlimited has finally made its way to Android. Having been available on iOS for a couple of months now, it's our turn to dive into 70 years worth of content over 13,000 back issues. For anything more recent, you'll still likely need to turn to something like Comics by Comixology, but for the classics Marvel Unlimited should more than have you covered. 

Subscription rates stand at $9.99 per month, but until May 15 you can take advantage of a special discount on a yearly subscription: down to $59.88 from the regular price of $69.00. The Android app allows you to save up to six comic books to your device for offline reading, as well as being able to use your subscription to read content on your computer. 

Grab the app from the Play Store link above, and we'll kind of forgive you if you go quiet for a little while. But be sure to jump into the comments and let us know what you're reading. 


Reader comments

Get your comic book fix with Marvel Unlimited, now available on Android


Seriously, there are no links to Play in the app. One of the main reasons I read android central is for the app recommendations but this is really inconvenient.

"Renting" comics is an interesting concept, I'd be more interested (and willing to pay more as a result) if it included recent issues. In the end, you won't have anything to show for it if you cancel your sub...and I like having access to past issues, but eventually I will run out of books that I want to read (not interested in all the books in their back catalog) and may inevitably cancel as a result, since I won't want to keep paying $9.99 a month to access books I have already read.

I was at SXSW this year and sat in on the Comixology panel. They were talking about the possibility of a monthly tiered plan that allows you access to a certain amount of books (current included) per month. For (hypothetical) instance, by paying $19.95 you can download up to 10 different issues a month, for a higher cost you can download more. This way, you get current issues, but discounted due to your monthly commitment.

As a big DC fan, there are a handful of books that I always pull / read every month and would be happy to pay $19.95 (or more) for access to current issues and back issues.


I just downloaded the app and took a few free issues for a spin on my Nexus 10. In its current iteration there does not appear to be (good) tablet support, no full screen images (comic takes up 60% of screen real estate...the rest is blank?!), no zoom...and from what I am gathering, although it supports offline reading, you need an internet connection to launch the app...therefore no offline reading.

I'm a little confused by this, seeing how their comics on the Comixology app, along with the original Marvel Comics app have no problems...not sure why they decided to go with a huge step backwards in quality.

It's not just the tablet version the app is pure shit. My subscription ended the first of this month and when I got the email about this app yesterday I was excited about renewing it. That all changed once I got home and tried it out. There is no zoom function, the smart panels feature is garbage, the response time is so slow you think it has crashed, and you can only keep 6 downloaded. This app is horrible.

The fact that this app does not have manual zoom feature is a huge minus for me. Without zoom, I'm limited to viewing my comics on tablet only.

I agree with several posters above.

Why are comics now full screen on a tablet?
Why is there no manual zoom?
Why is it so slow to respond?

I was really excited about this app when I read the article as the are a lot of older issues I would like to read, but in it's current state I don't think it is worth it.