If you missed out on one of the 30 copies of WaveSecure we gave away, we're not done yet. For one month, you can get WaveSecure at a 20 percent discount if you use the promo code WS-ACENTRAL. That's 20 percent off what you'd pay for the peace of mind to know that you can locate your phone if it's lost or stolen, and that you can lock out anyone trying to insert an unauthorized SIM card. Get WaveSecure for just $15.90 for the next month at WaveSecure's site (and be sure to click on the promo code link).


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Get WaveSecure for 20 percent off!


That's some horrendously pricey security software. There are many similar systems and most are free or a tiny fraction of that cost. What the heck s so diamond shiny special about this one?

This one is effen awesome that's what's diamond shiny special about it period. It is kind of an outrageous price though and if I hadn't got it for free I probably wouldn't have it. How'd I get it for free you ask? Not from winning a contest that's for sure. I got it for free thanx to this website and an app called techbuzz. And of course wavesecure being so generous. They gave out lifetime subscriptions to all people who downloaded it while it was in beta. The opportunity would have totally passed me by if not for android central and techbuzz. So thank you android central and thank you too wavesecure.

It still amuses me to no end, how people who own smartphones worth a couple hundred dollars always seem to complain about paying a dollar or two for an app.

Has anybody else had problems actually using the restore feature? I bought this for my Moto Droid and ended up having to have the phone replaced under warranty. First off, don't buy it for the feature that notifies you when a new SIM is installed, since the Droid doesn't have a SIM. Second, after installing the app on my replacement handset, when I tried to restore my SMS and contact data, I was met with "Network Error". I've jumped through all the hoops that the developer has thrown my way, including removing the app and installing a special debug version of the app and sending them the log file (that only caused them to escalate the issue), but so far to no avail. They've been working on the issue for just about a month now and although they've confirmed that it is a problem, they haven't found a resolution. They offer a refund if you have an issue with a feature that doesn't work as advertised and it's not resolved in 30 days, so we'll see - they have three days to either fix the issue or refund my purchase price. So far, at least in my experience, there are free apps that do a much better job of securing your phone and data. Don't waste your money.