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If you look in the right place, you'll save £50 on the RRP

The UK launch of the Moto X left us disappointed with one key feature of the phone; its price. Moto announced the arrival of its current range topper with a pretty hefty price tag of £380, made worse by the current price of its American equivalent. This week the Moto X finally goes on sale across the UK, and if you know where to look you can pick one up for £50 less than that £380 RRP. 

Online retailers Expansys and Clove Technology are both offering the 16GB Moto X – in black only, white is exclusive to Phones 4U – for £330. Handtec is offering a very slight reduction on this, with a Moto X there costing you £328.80. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Clove is expecting stock from January 30, Expansys within three days at the time of writing, and Handtec is still taking pre-orders. 

So, while it's still maybe more than we'd have been hoping to pay for a 6-month old phone at this point, there are at least a few options to save yourselves a bit of cash on an outright purchase at launch. With Moto's recent – and fairly frequent – deals on the Moto X stateside, it'd be nice to see a similar promotion hit the UK at some point soon. 

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If they had released it here at roughly the same time as the states I would have been very interested in one of these phones. But, time passed and the Nexus 5 was released and I bought one of those on the day of release instead.

jlunardi says:

Ditto, to much to late...

saltyzip says:


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masterpfa says:

Might have considered before Nexus 5 was released, definitely won't now especially not at this price.

tdizzel says:

6 month old phone? No, no, no...It's new to you :-)

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

bez54 says:

Out of date and over priced. What a rip off. No thanks.

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Dead on arrival.

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tflash says:

Is there a US version of Android Central where I can filter out anything but US news and pricing?

Take your insular whining elsewhere.

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Why? British folks are people too you know. If you don't like the content of a post that's obvious in the headline, you know you don't have to read it :)

masterpfa says:

Use the filters instead.

seanjenkins says:

I have seen zero promotion for this. No one will know what this is, or have any interest in it. Which is a shame. Motorola are falling down on this area.

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stevovr says:

Google liked them so much they sold the company.

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