Likely in anticipation of the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide launch, the original myTouch is now available for free from T-Mobile (with new two-year contract). Remember, the myTouch 3G started off as the second Android device ever and turned into T-Mobile's flagship Android device (it still gets tons of commercials!)--it was definitely a solid phone from Android's previous generation. But with the myTouch 3G Slide besting the myTouch 3G in every way, it was due for a huge price cut. If you really want a myTouch, we'd wait until June 2nd for the myTouch 3G Slide. It doesn't make sense to invest in the previous generation anymore, even if it is for free. [t-mobile via tmonews]


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Get a T-Mobile myTouch 3G for free


To inform the consumers! Kudos AC. I wish I had known things like this before I walked into the store and bought one only to have the equity of the phone fall threw the floor when they released the next gen phones 3 months later!