Motorola Xoom

Just in case you're still not settled in with an Android tablet yet and don't really feel like forking over $500+ for a new one, if you hurry you can head on over to the 1Saleaday site and pick yourself up a Motorola Xoom on the cheap. They come factory refurbished with all the retail packaging intact for only $300 plus when you get it out of the package and up and running, you can load up Ice Cream Sandwich. Motorola may not have sold a lot of Xoom's but either way it's still a pretty fine Android tablet.

Source: 1Saleaday; Thanks, Dan!


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Get a Motorola Xoom 32GB WiFi for only $299 from 1Saleaday


How many were you going to try and carry? :)

In all seriousness, I've never gotten that criticism. It's a bit heavier than the original iPad, but it's very comfortable in the hand for reading ebooks, and let's be honest, your desk doesn't care how heavy it is, and neither does your lap, where it's going to be most of the time. The weight doesn't matter.

I love, love love my xoom. My wife has my iPad 2, and I don't miss it even a little bit. That's a nice deal on a great tablet. And it's like buttah with ICS installed.

I am loving the xoom. Picked mine up on release date last year. Never once regretted it. And ICS on the xoom is the perfect marriage. If or should I say when Google lands their tablet I just hope the original wild child isn't forgotten about for updates.

I got my Xoom as a gift,and have been using it for the last 6 months. I have used ipad and ipad 2 and after using both I am pretty confident that I got a tablet that is way better than both the pads. Period!