If you were looking to get both the LG G3 and the G Watch, here's a nifty way to save some cash. UK carrier Three has announced that all customers purchasing a G3 will be eligible to buy the G Watch for a discounted price of £99, allowing you to shave £70 off the retail cost of the smartwatch (Three is selling the G Watch for £169, whereas the Play Store is listing it for £159).

To claim the offer, all you have to do is produce a proof of purchase for the G3 at any Three store, which will entail you to buy the Android Wear powered G Watch for £99.

As for the G3, Three is offering monthly plans starting for as low as £35. There isn't any upfront cost involved, but you do have to sign a 24-month contract.

Interested in the offer? Head on over to the link below for more details.

Source: Three UK


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Get LG's G Watch for £99 when you buy a G3 from Three UK


Oh man, hoping T-Mobile in the states has a G3/G watch deal!

Mr. Legere and LG, please hook us up!

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Why is my current Three contract still 6 months from renewal....! Not that I need the g watch as such, bit a deal is a deal!

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