HTC Desire camera on Nexus One

One of the sticking points of using the Desire ROM with HTC Sense on the Nexus One was that, at least for a while, the camera wasn't fully functional. That's been fixed, and now you can do one better and run the Desire's camera software -- which has a few more features than the stock Nexus One camera software -- without having to load the entire Desire ROM along with Sense.

It's a basic update from MoDaCo -- just download it to the root of your microSD card, reboot into recovery and apply the zip file. That simple, and it's working at the full 5 megapixels. A few more screen shots after the break. [MoDaCo]

Desire Camera on Nexus OneDesire Camera on Nexus One

Desire Camera on Nexus OneDesire Camera on Nexus One

Desire Camera on Nexus One

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jsilvers525 says:

can they do this with the music player and weather widget. it's the only thing i like about sense. i know you can download weather widget but like when you turn on your screen and the animations appear. if not how can i ask the developer if he can make it so i can only have sense music and weather widget/app

BoNg420 says:

Oops, downloaded the wrong file, didnt grab the one for Cyanogen mod

Still didnt work, it flashes the boot img so I think that is why.

corydunbar says:

Can you do this on the droid?

RT says:

Do I need to get the root access?