Z1 with QZ10 lens

£69 upfront and £33 per month gets you both the Xperia Z1 and the Sony Cybershot QX10 from Carphone Warehouse

If you're in the market for a new Sony Xperia Z1, and have been eyeing the Sony lens cameras, Carphone Warehouse has a deal happening that you'll want to see. When you pre-order the Xperia Z1 on a pay monthly plan or use an upgrade, they'll throw in a Cybershot QX10 detachable lens camera.

Richard and Phil gave us a look at this combo earlier this morning (albeit with dummy units), and together these two should make for the ultimate smartphone camera. 

Carphone Warehouse is offering the Z1 for £33 per month with a £69 upfront cost for both new customers or upgrades, and pre-orders are going on now. If you're interested, have a click on the link below for all the details.

Source: Carphone Warehouse. Thanks, Jason!


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Get a free Sony QX10 lens with your Xperia Z1 order from Carphone Warehouse


Never happen.
Just like Phones4U Note3 accessories bundle + Galaxy Gear discount, we in the states won't see a deal/promotion like that either.
We need "Mobile" retailers that just want to move device's and not care about carrier backlash. The closest we have is Best Buy and if anyone thinks they're not in bed with the carrier's, you're crazy.

Well, here in the States, we get lots of things, before other countries. Let them have their turn, at getting exclusive deals. Can't have it all! Just sayin'.

I think it has more to do with extremist capitalism than giving others a chance. North America is one or lest democratic ordinary people run places on Earth. Companies own us and they run our govt.

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This would definitely get Sony phones some cool points in the States if we could get this deal here. T-Mobile?? Lol

I'm in the States and just ordered mine from a different sight, unlocked. Ships the 16th.

Communicated from the future via my holographic signal decoder.

I meant site* lol. I ordered mine from unlocked-mobiles.com. Unfortunately nothing free comes with it but I just want the phone.

Communicated from the future via my holographic signal decoder.

These deals are great and everything, but where is the reward for those that buy their phones unlocked for £500+?

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You know I like lens idea, but if I'm going to carry a lens around I might as well take a good camera

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