Samsung Tectiles

Samsung is running a promotion on its official Facebook page that lets Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy SIII (S3) users get their hands on a free flip cover and set of 6 TecTiles for registering their device. All you have to do is head to the Samsung Facebook page, click the "Holiday Offers" button and then follow through to register your device. While quantities last, you can get some free swag for giving Samsung a little information about yourself. You'll need an active Facebook account and authorize the Samsung "app" for your page, but that's about it.

Registering your phone with the manufacturer may already be something you want to do, so might as well get something free for it, right? Head to the source links below to get your own.

Source: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Forums; Samsung (Facebook)


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Get a free flip cover and tectiles from Samsung for registering your device


Just like to mention, it only applies to the USA customers, and it says, you 'could' get your hands on one for registering. So take it with a pinch of salt.

Well considering that I just got conformation of one...its true. It says "could" because its only for GS3's and Note 2's. Awesome Samsung...good job here.

Registered my Galaxy nexus last January and all Samsung gave me was free spam about all their other products!

Sweet! ... not so much for those that own own of these devices (me), and refuse to use Facebook (me), but rather use G+ the official social network of android (me) ... soooooo ... yeah ... how about this weather we've been having? Nothing to see here.

You dont even have to sign in...are you really that against facebook that you stop yourself from getting free stuff? :)

Okay, let me make a useless account, give Facebook my email to send me spam, and open myself to viruses on a social network I'm never going to use, just to register a device I don't own and not get the free stuff anyways!

Remember, he/she doesn't even own a GS3/GN2, so this would be pointless.

Oh, and sorry if that came off as harsh :)

Actually, they said "own own" and logic is telling me it should have been, "own one" not "dont own" But either could be true, Though it wouldn't make much sense if was "down own" as it would have came out "dont own of these devices" So we don't truly know if they do or don't have the device.

But, It's a little overboard to say signing up to, or using, facebook is going to get your email spammed and get viruses. You'll get viruses just signing onto the internet. The only time I get emails from FB is when I have mail that needs to be read.. That's really about it, and I've never gotten a virus from facebook, but then again I personally don't click on anything I assume could be a virus. But, anyways.. If I personally had a gs3/gn2 and didn't have a facebook I'd make one just to get the free stuff. Just like I made a twitter account that i'll never use for more than some giveaway's and stuff. To each their own, but the way I see it.. free stuff is free stuff.

If you don't own an S3 or N2, why bother commenting? This is a great offer for those that do.

Also - wish I had known about that Facebook email spam and viruses when I signed up years ago! I basically have to buy a new computer and use a different email every week. /s

No UK? F***ing rediculous! What have USA got that UK hasnt so the UK cant have it? I bet iys because the usa have to wait ages for jelly bean so they say you can get these free as an 'apology'

"What have USA got that UK hasnt"

1. straight teeth

2. Obama

3. Beyonce

4. Nascar

5. Pawn Stars


I don't know why anyone would be proud of Beyonce, I don't know what Pawn Stars is, I don't care about Nascar, and I'm not even sure of the first point. I still agree with #2 though. And then again we have Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and Sarah Palin. And I really like British people.

But since I live in the US, I guess I have to agree. Oh well.

It's simple... America has a population nearly 5 times larger than the UK.

I could go on, but in the sheer scope of things, no one cares about the UK anymore. Culturally still relevant due to all the colonization and WASP descendants in other countries, but economically and militarily no one cares.

don't think it's working for me. registered and it said i'd get an email, and i never got one..even checked my spam. registered my GS3. oh well.

Thanks for the tweet AC, got my Note 2 registered and my gear is on the way. Nice deal! Not many colors left it seems, had pink orange and some other weird shade to choose from, but free is free. Thanks again for the heads up. The fine print says the first 12500 of each model gets it.

It took me a few minutes to get the email but it showed. The flip cover color choices weren't the best, but hey it's free! (Pink, lime green, or orange were my only options.)

Yeah, unfortunately I in a sense missed out on this offer. The only color option left was pink by the time I got around to it(and being a man... not really into having a pink flip cover). I ordered it regardless though in the hopes a friend might want it.

No email here either. I wonder if it's because I already registered my S3 with Samsung USA? I'm not sure that I did but I think so...who knows.

Nevermind - email finally showed up. Got the care package coming...though I had to choose orange for the flip color (other options were lime green and pink...).

Also was interested in the 50% off coupon code but they are out of the 11 pin MHL adapter...

yeah this is a nice gesture, but it definitely seems like they're trying to get rid of some colors that nobody wanted so they came up with this promotion

Well at least its something. You dont see other companies doing this unless its a defect (*cough* Apple) :P

I dont see whats so bad about orange...looks ok to me.

Mine is on the way for my Galaxy Note II. Sucks it will take 6-8 weeks to arrive. That's okay, at least it's free. One thing I would like to note is that they're only giving the care package to the first 12,000 registered customers of each product and they only had the orange, mint and pink colors left of the flip cover.

I signed up for my Galaxy Note II. Thanks for the heads up, AC. Saved me from buying a couple of NFC tags for playing around.

Good looking out AC, registered my GS3 and got the email confirmation right away. Ordered the lime green and I'm pretty stoked about it. Thanks again!

My care package from Samsung is on the way. Wish they had better colors of cases to choose from. Orange, lime green or pink, what the hell is that, I picked lime green. Last week I received 50% off my Samsung C Pen because I signed up on their Samsung home page I think it was. You can't beat that. The new SGS4 that has been talked about looks like a beast. I hope it is all true, that would be one hell of a phone. Samsung is really bringing it these days, Love it. Thank You Samsung.

Thanks Android Central. Got my orange one coming for my GS3.

And to the people complaining about color selection... IT'S FREE!!!! Geesh.

Just ordered mine! FYI blue is out. Only pink, lime green, and orange available. Thanks Samsung!

Don't need Facebook to do this I dont says 6-8 weeks for shipping had choice of green pink and orange went with orange wife got me the grey cover for xmas so now I will have two. Thanks for posting this love free stuff

nice! just signed up and got my email. Recently I've been interested in those tectiles. Now they are free. woot !! I dont like the flip case but hell it's free so who don't take it :D (got the orange, wish it had white tho)


I guess they are out of key lime green, only choice now is orange or pink....
Glad I got in for the freebies, I'm excited to use the NFC tectiles for some fun, and just might like the orange if its not too neon.

Thanks for the heads up! My Pebble Blue SIII is gonna be rockin' an orange flip cover (it was that or pink)!

Aaaaand I will be receiving my pink flip cover in 6-8 weeks... all that was left. I was more interested in the tectiles anyways, I'll give the pink flip cover to my sister, who has a blue S3.

Heck I did this an hour and a half ago and it said thanks and to allow 6-8 weeks and still haven't received a confirmation email.

I got the Orange. Pink isn't for me.....

"We're sorry but the limited quantity promotion has ended. You can still look for great options at 50% off in our accessories store - just use the coupon code in your registration confirmation email."

Well that sucks. How many did they have, 50?

I'm almost positive this isn't working for International Note 2's even if you have a US address. I'm getting "Invalid IMEI" when I put mine in.

I guess saving money with an international GT-N7100 on Simple Mobile has its drawbacks.

Went through the trouble of registering, only to find out quantities are up. No free crap for me. Except the oncoming spam...yaaaaay

Is it sad I have idea what you use those tec tile things for ? Oh well...glad I didn't say this out loud. ;)

I registered my Note 2. Got the email and signed up for my mint cover and tectiles. Go Samsung!!

Multi-view rocks!

+1! Also got the code for 50% off accessories. Grabbed the extra battery/charger for $25! Thanks Samsung and AC for letting us know!

No more free stuff. It's over. The first 12,100 people were awarded the free stuff. I did all it said and supposedly getting the free stuff but still haven't gotten a confirmation email stating I'm getting the free stuff.

No Dice dam that was fast they ran out quick. All i got was a promo code for %50 the dam flip covers are $40 :'( Now my gmail account is going to get flooded with samsung emails.

Wish I would have seen that they ran out before I wasted my time. Now I have to unsubscribe from the flood of email I'll be getting, no doubt.