According to modmyGphone, we have news that German G1 Users are receiving the RC9 Firmware Update which is supposedly very similar to our RC33 Update. The UK still seems to be left out but it's in its testing phase and should roll out soon.

Again, if you're sick and tired of waiting for RC33 to come be sure to check out our great how-to article on how to update HERE. The RC9 package can be found here.


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German G1 Users Getting RC9 Update, Very Similar To RC33


@ this article about the updates :

The EU German version does not seem to work when I tried to update it on my UK G1 gets half way and errors. anyone successfully done it?

@willem, just read our website there is a article about the dutch update.

We also receive the RC9 update which is not tha same as the RC33..

Just received the UK RC9 update this morning. Seems to run a lot faster, but overall a bit disappointed. No pay-for apps in the market, still can't save apps to the sd-card, looks like it was just a load of bug fixes.

I received the update here in the netherlands just now. What does it ad?? Haven't discovered anything yet.

Hey, I just received RC9 update on my G1 in Netherlands. Google Latitude is now in. I am still waiting for Google Voice Search. Did anyone in Europe have Voice Search enabled on his G1?