Man, Gary Busey’s weird. I’m sure the Amazon Fire TV is cool and all, but man. So weird.

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Great commercial

Green_Laser says:

has some funny aspects too

tomh1979 says:

concured. +1



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Skyway says:

Wow, just wow

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lang007 says:

There is nothing else you can say but WOW and maybe thank you fish

roninksb says:

this ad is just crazy. "Hello, lamp."

jontalk says:

I love Gary..and my Roku app does VERY well with voice recognition too !

grydlok says:

That's one creepy looking guy

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lang007 says:

He should has asked for Jake from State Farm

jackwagon06 says:

well he's a guy, soooo

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treno says:

The commercial does get your attention. That's what its all about. Hello World!

Synycalwon says:

You just don't get Busey then. That's classic Busey man! :)

Largg says:

I watched it twice and still can't tell if he was acting or not.

ljredeye says:

The moment he talked to his lamp, I ran the opposite direction.

ryaninc says:


nahz3matics says:

Whats up with his face?

smeghead4269 says:

"If you're like me..."

Gary, there is no one like you.