We've seen Game Gripper add support for plenty of other devices in the past and now, Game Gripper is sending out emails letting folks know their custom game controllers are now available to Sprint Epic 4G owners. Yes, you can head on over to the Game Gripper website and pick one of the 13 different variations available for your device. Of course it'll set you back $14.99 but like my Mother always tells me, "Maybe you can put it on your Christmas list". Check out the video of it in action after the break. Thanks, Brett! [Game Gripper]

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rdahl578 says:

Need this for the G2!!!

Jaredshoes says:

15 bucks isnt that bad

jelly roll says:

I would rather tear out my keys then get one of those
(OK maybe not)
I wish I was incredible

uansari1 says:

Wonder how that guy that hacked up his keyboard feels about this.

deaofly says:

I was about to say the same thing. He probably don't care and pay the $100 for insurance and get another one. But i bet he must feel much like an ass. Lol

Actually, physical damage is covered for free if you have insurance with sprint, so he wouldn't be out anything...

Butters3605 says:

I can hear Nelson (the Simpsons) laughing now, Ha Ha!!

Mike77 says:

Thats a fair price

superrad says:

Just placed an order. 4 bucks for shipping.

Smokexz says:

Ah another broken keyboard thanks to the people who brought you the "impatient piece of plastic"

wjrandon says:

Makes Evo gamers want to cry.

Isaiah says:

Had this for my OG Droid from the day it was released. Makes emulated gaming (especially PSX) infinitely more enjoyable. When at home, I use the Wii classic controller for emulated games via bluetooth, but while on the go, Game Gripper is absolutely the sh!t. It'll be used for gaming long after I get a new Android phone. :)

whippingboy says:

While I wouldn't carry this with me- it's worth it just for plane flights. Now I can play platformers with ease as the onscreen controls were just not cutting it. Castlevania and Metroid- here I come!

Interesting how the epic is the 1st with a true 6 button configuration due to the giant keyboard size. Nice for fighting games. Does PSX for droid play capcom fighting games? Would love some Night Warriors or the import only Darkstalkers 3... (or was that only on the JP Saturn?...)

jbuggydroid says:

Oh giddy!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I said giddy. Just couldn't help myself lol
Def gonna get this. Gonna make gaming so much easier. This is why I got an Epic.

linzzhong says:

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espowbob says:

Yes I said giddy. Just couldn't help myself lol
Def gonna get this. Gonna make gaming so much easier. This is why I got an Epic.armani shoes men
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