We snagged some more time with the Galaxy Tab and figured y'all might want to see how the tablet handles some serious games: like Need For Speed Shift and N.O.V.A. The answer: with aplomb. We also take a brief tour through the some of apps that Samsung has customized for the tablet - though sadly the excellent email client wasn't set up with accounts.

Speaking of apps, our number one question during the Q&A session was this: What's Samsung doing to help developers make sure their apps are both compatible and optimized for the Galaxy Tab hardware. The answer: firstly that the vast majority of apps in the Android Market are already compatible, but that there are some apps in the top 200 sellers that aren't working quite yet. Samsung worked with Google to identify the apps and get in contact with the developers and - we hope - provide support to those gentle coders so their apps are ready to rock 1024x600.

The Reader's Hub, by the way, is simply a front end for Kobo eBooks, Zinio Magazines, and PressDisplay Newspapers. Thankfully, all three of those apps are pretty decent - but during the Q&A Samsung didn't rule out the possibility that other carriers might want to emphasize or preinstall other ebook readers.

Video, complete with authentic show floor noise, after the break

Full disclosure: We're at IFA on Samsung's dime, but there's going to be plenty of non-Samsung coverage as well.


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Galaxy Tab Apps and Games [Video]


""Samsung didn't rule out the possibility that other carriers might want to emphasize or preinstall other ebook readers""

Statements like this make me feel like the TAB will be just like the S-Phones. . . It will be all up to carriers what they use or don't use and this is more like a blank slate more or less as far as features go...

I love what I see though, just annoyed at the LACK OF US Release news...

So loaded with carrier crapware is your guess.?

I'm still thinking this us the last thing I would want to buy directly from a carrier.

lol!!! we havent figured out yet that when someone gets shot with a gun of any kind they are supposed to get hurt and/or die...its a work in progress j/k i'd love to see how that works out tho!

Concerted effort at friendly fire I see ;). Looks interesting, would be good to see the home screens and how they work (ie how smooth etc.). Also widescreen video (the aspect ratio is actually quite an important differentiator). Look forward to seeing a full review in due time.

Good...awesome review. Im wondering how 7 inch compares to the EVO screen. I dont know if i want a 10 inch or 7 inch tablet.

Gameloft do not put their games on the Market ... you need to buy it through their site (which can be a clunky experience and does not allow for cooling off periods like the Market etc.).

that need for speed shift game is the BOMB....purchased mine on my x10 via playnow arena! btw need for speed shift is from EA and not from gameloft!