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Three new Samsung Galaxy phones will launch on U.S. carriers in the near future, according to @evleaks. The prolific leaker says the Samsung SM-G750 and SM-N910 will launch on AT&T, while Sprint will get the SM-G680. A subsequent tweet outs the G680 as "likely a CDMA variant of the G870, which is the Active or Sport version of the Galaxy S5" — a potentially interesting development, as AT&T was the exclusive carrier of last year's S4 Active. But even more intriguing is the SM-N910, which could be a new Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note 3's model number is SM-N900, and Samsung's numbering convention (as well as common sense) suggests that the N910 could be an update to this device. We're less than four months out from IFA 2014, where in previous years Samsung has debuted a new Note handset, so it's likely carrier deals are already in place for the Galaxy Note 4.

As for the SM-G750, this model number has cropped up previously in connection with a possible "Galaxy S5 Neo" — believed to be a cheaper GS5 with cut down specs, as the Note 3 Neo was. Rumored specs include a 5.1-inch 720p display and 2.3GHz quad-core processor. As with other "Neos," this could be positioned as a more affordable alternative to the full-blown GS5.

The Galaxy S5 Active, on the other hand, is said to feature specs that are identical to the Galaxy S5, according to an AnTuTu benchmark. The benchmark reveals that the Galaxy S5 Active will also feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC, full-HD screen, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, 16 MP camera and a 2 MP shooter at the front.

 AnTuTu Galaxy S5 Active leaked benchmark

Source: @evleaks, PhoneArena


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Galaxy S5 Active tipped for Sprint, AT&T could get new Galaxy Note device


I think the active might be a proper rugged phone you know like for people who might be in construction or people who do like rock climbing etc. I think the active name will be replacing the galaxy rugby brand which were proper rugged phones. It'd the only reason I can think of that makes sense.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

What could they possibly add, to make an already water resistant phone with a heart rate monitor, more "active?" Wheels?

I cant wait for this one :\

A bit (ok very) annoying that they would even consider releasing a GS5 Active when they broke the GS4 Active with the last update and have yet to (and even delayed) the release of Kit Kat which presumably would solve the issues. This annoyance has made me seriously look at the M8 over the S5 for my next phone.

They released KitKat but then stopped the distribution of it shortly after because it was causing people's touch screens not to work (not all though). I say this as I type on an S4 Active with KitKat.

Posted via Android Central App

YEah well not mine... they stopped the update before I got it and it had not rolled out since. I am still unable to do things like use the GPS - like who would want to do that?? Or a stable WiFi -- that's not really all that useful either..

Say what? In the US? I have the S4 active and am running 4.3 and waiting patiently for my KitKat update.

There is a need for a rugged smartphone that can take a beating. The galaxy rugby pro is the only rugged smartphone available on att, so it looks like the s5 active will replace it. Also the certification of dust and water resistant Is less than rugby so hopefully s5 active will have some certification.

So, like everyone else, I have to wonder what would make the S5 Active different than the S5. Shock absorption, maybe?

Or, dear God, Direct Connect.


Could this be the Note 3 that is compatible with the release of AT&T new LTE-A? Launched in Chicago. As far as I know only the S5 is compatible with this network.

Posted via Android Central App

How do you do an "Active" model of a phone that is already waterproof and dust resistant? I have the S4 Active and with all I see the S5 as is a S4 Active with souped up software and specs.

This is my biggest issue with the Samsung phones, they release far too many variations of the same model, leaving buyers constantly feeling like there are incremental upgrades just around the corner waiting to be released.

Hi...well um where to begin...I was reading most of the comments and came to the conclusion that there are a lot of people who stick with their phones for more than 5 years and never really actually upgrade until they need to. It's so sad that those people have the time to bash Samsung for using Great Quality Materials and why would they change? Its not like you people are gonna buy it anyways. Its very simple..not only is the S5 active for outside people but for those who tend to drop their phones on a regular basis...unlike IPhones and Nexus phones that all it takes is one good drop and its done.

One more thing...I got my KitKat update On my Note 3 and messed up my screen for like a day. After a quick battery change everything went back to normal functioning conditions. Thanks