Galaxy S4 Zoom

Big camera, mid-range specs and now with U.S. LTE

Following up on its announcement earlier this week, AT&T has started offering the Galaxy S4 zoom for $199 with a two-year contract. The smartphone/camera mash-up will set you back a full $529 if you're looking to buy without a contract, or $25 per month if you want to finance with AT&T Next. For that money you'll be getting the point-and-shoot camera style 16MP sensor along with 10x optical zoom and a camera-centric design with a physical shutter button.

On the phone side, you'll be looking at a Samsung experience with most of the latest features, although some have been scaled back a tad for the lower-end internals. That's the tradeoff you'll make for some great picture and video quality, and for the right user it might be worth a look.

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Galaxy S4 Zoom now available from AT&T for $199 on-contract


Why not buy this? It's a very well specced, capable smartohone, that has a very quality camera, with a nice zoom lens.

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Might be useful for a local Newspaper Sports writer or roving reporter, but realistically this FrankenPhone is a "Just because we can" device.

The market for it must be vanishingly small. Not quite good enough of a camera, not quite impressive enough of a phone. If you are "That Guy" that just happens to need a 200 dollar camera welded to a 200 dollar phone, it might be just right.

The only reason to buy this monster would be if you want Android as your OS, but if you are buying a smartphone for the camera alone only a fool would go for this monstrosity instead of the Lumia 1020.

I agree i enjoy Samsung products infact i have had the S3,S4,Mega and now the Note 3. However this is one device i just dont get.

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