Galaxy S4 Black Edition

Pitch black GS4s come with 100 percent less glossy plastic

Perhaps our biggest gripe with the Samsung Galaxy S4 — in hardware terms, at least — was its glossy, plasticky back cover. The S4's rear panel was a magnet for fingerprints and smudges, and just didn't feel very nice in the hand. So imagine our delight this morning to see the device above — the "black edition" Galaxy S4, sporting a soft-touch, leather-effect back like the Galaxy Note 3.

The "black edition" Galaxy S4 and a similar Galaxy S4 Mini have appeared on Samsung's Russian website, and aside from the external differences their hardware is identical to the LTE-capable GS4 and GS4 Mini sold in Europe. However the difference in feel between the regular S4's glossy plastic and the matte, faux-leather backs found on other Samsung devices shouldn't be underestimated. And we're more than a bit jealous that these murdered-out GS4s haven't appeared outside of Russia yet. (We've reached out to Samsung for details of any wider international launch plans.)

According to Russian blog Hi-Tech, the black GS4 will sell 22,990 roubles ($650), while the GS4 Mini will cost 15,990 roubles ($460). Both are reportedly scheduled to launch in February.

Source: Samsung Russia; via: GSMArena, Hi-Tech


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Galaxy S4 + S4 Mini 'black edition' with leather-effect back coming to Russia


I wonder what the negatives of a REAL leather back would be? It seems like a good premium look/feel.

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You'd have an extremely expensive phone ala Porsche Design BlackBerry expensive. Mostly because the leather would have to be fitted to each phone, probably by hand.

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I think white leather would be extremely prone to stains.. on the other hand i think real black leather would be extremely sexy

I wonder what their next generation of devices will feel like in terms of hardware. Gs5 with fake leather back??? Pitty.

Verge FanBoi

I agree, although I think the original Bold 9000's "leather" back had a nicer, slightly more supple (ugh, I hate that word, but it fits) feel to it than the GN3's back.

I think to this day, of all the phones I've had, the Bold 9000 felt the best in the hand.

Google 'Samsung chess peice wallpaper' and their are a few nice ones

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

I bet there backs will be available separately and fit the current GS4s. Similar to how you can already buy "regular" replacement backs.

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Samsung needs to stop with the faux leather, not add it to more devices.

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You don't think it adds a premium look to it?

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Personally, I'll never buy a fake leather anything, not even a smartphone. I'm sure lots of people don't mind, though. It is premium-looking, I guess.

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I don't think it does much for the looks (I generally am looking at the front of my phone), but it feels so much better to hold than the craptacular slick plastic they normally use.

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No they need to add it to more.

I liked the feel of the SGS3/4, no matter what the "must have metal" crowd says, but this on the Note 3 really has a great feel, and the black looks good (the white a little less).

Easy grip, no fingerprints, no scratch & dent... win/win.

Not really a fan of the glossy back though the hate is ott, for me it gets slippery.. I would love a matte back though. Thinking of getting a 3rd party replacement back off eBay, has different finishes from carbon to aluminium. Just a bit hesitant on how the fit will be.

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I have done it before and the fit was fine (your mileage may vary). I really would not want a metal back/phone, but to each his own. Carbon would not be bad depending..

NoNexus, I'm not a part of the "must-have metal" crowd. However, I just can't with this faux leather, and I own many Samsung products. You and everyone else can buy all of the fake leather phones, bags, wallets, etc. that these Asian companies are selling, but not me.

And I'm not about to Jedi mind trick myself into thinking faux leather is special, or textured plastic, like the guy above suggested. Again, if other people like the products, and don't mind, that's fine with me. There are lots of great options available, even for "girls."

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It feels more like the soft rubber kind of back, and looks good (in black). If it was called textured rubber, the opinion would be different.

if you've actually handled a samsung product with the "fake leather" you would know that is it is absolutely nothing like leather at all. it feels like soft, textured plastic. it looks like soft, textured plastic. you can't feel the "stitching" unless you're really thinking about it, and, in person, neither looks nor feels like stitching at all.

its plastic. just way nicer plastic than they've ever used before.

I'm not sure what the issue is here. Pleather, vinyl, faux leather, textured or rubberized plastic; whatever you guys want to call it, my opinion remains the same. What's important is that owners of the devices are satisfied.

And admittedly, I only briefly handled the Note 3, during Christmas time. When the sales person informed me that the back was "thick, faux leather," I had seen enough.

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Interesting! Possibly an indication of the S5's design?

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Im just still upset that the original S4 wasnt pitch black on the front or back. This original 'black mist' foolishness is annoying. One min its kinda black, another its grey, another its navy blue..

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Just had the back plate of my gs3 covered with matte black vinyl and if feels different in hand... no more slippery back cover and it looks better.

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I put my Artic Blue in a Seido case day one. No need for a different back.

Why not offer various colors at launch if that is the plan? It seems that carrier exclusive colors and mid model color changes are used to spur sales.

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It would be a no-brainer for Sammy to offer this for purchase and make it available in all GS4 colors. A bonus would be to also include wireless charging as an option.

This is taking the mick, would love to have had the choice to buy this originally.

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All hail Samsung and their glorious productions.

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*