AT&T Galaxy S4 Active

Another take on the Galaxy S4 with a rugged exterior and new color options

Building on earlier leaks and rumors of a new version of the Galaxy S4 called the "Active", new press images show show off the handset with AT&T branding and a few more details about the device. If you'll recall back just a few days to earlier leaks, the Galaxy S4 Active is purported to be a more rugged version of the original S4, with a tougher design, three hardware navigation buttons and very similar internals. According to information and images obtained by TheUnlockr, the Galaxy S4 Active will ship with a 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 processor and have the same 5-inch 1080x1920 display, but will bump down the camera to only 8MP.

The clock widget prominently displayed on the render's screen shows a date of June 21st, to which we can take with a large grain of salt as a potential launch window for the device. Along with the Galaxy S4 Mini, the Active shows how Samsung is working to fill out its Galaxy S4 lineup to include multiple handsets under the same well-known branding. Will you be inclined to pick one of these up if it hits AT&T? Sound off in the comments.

Source: TheUnlockr


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Galaxy S4 Active destined for AT&T leaked in press renders


I love my S4 a lot but... Is this polycarbonate as well? Don't understand why Samsung can't coat all of their phones like this.

This process looks more expensive to produce.

The SGS4 is already more expensive due to all the sensors it has over other phones and the external sdcard.

Costs drop pretty dramatically when you're making the number of phones Samsung is. The Active may be more expensive to produce (nobody knows), but I'd venture to say most of the increase in cost is simply due to fewer being made.

Costs drops if you map it out right. I'm 100% sure it cost more to produce a water resistant phone vs the same phone that isn't water resistant without the proper mapping. I agree with you, it would probably cost a lot more to produce a minimum amount of actives because you have to shut down a whole factory for weeks to make sure all the machines are running right, changing out the tools, and then quality engineering gets involved to QC everything.

I don't see it as being THAT much different. I see the same assembly line with a few detours along the way or maybe at the end. I do not see an entire factory shutdown and retooling.

I understand why they can coat all their phones like this. They are doing the same thing apple does. They release phones in increments so people will shell out more money. Now the people who bought the S4 have to shell out full price for this new one two months later. Thats just the way it is. I will be getting it because i am adding a new line to my ATT account. But I do realize that they might come out with a different version in a few months(long shot) but thats the way the games played!

I'm sure this is a cost issue. This phone is supposed to be water resistant so they had to manufacture better sealing methods and use better materials. Drives up cost.

The SGS4 basic is already a pretty expensive phone to put together with all its sensors and external sd card.

What they have to fulfill is being a premium phone that companies can sell at a $200 subsidized price.

I think they money they made form the SGS4 allowed them to move forward with mass producing a risky phone like this one as a mass production probably cut cost down.

I don't understand why Samsung has to flood the market with phones. I'm not saying that an upper end rugged phone isn't necessary, but how many of their devices were announced in just the last week? It makes things confusing for everyone including me and I reggulate tech sites and blogs frequently. It would be nice of Samsung to maybe announce all of their products at two different parts of the year. For instance, they could release maybe three versions of their S flagship in the spring while also announcing the new Galaxy Tab lineup. In the fall they could focus on the Note flagship(s) and release maybe a couple variants of the Note and then the Note tablets. It makes everything easier and less confusing for everyone. Annoucing two phones a week in an attempt to appeal to everyone is probably going to be the downfall of Samsung even though it isn't quite apparent right now. This is an area where Apple has always succeeded and that HTC are moving towards. In the end, less "fluff" devices are in the market and brand recognition is easier.

@jtc276. Dude, a few years ago Apple was killing it and they seemed untouchable. Samsung climbed the ladder because of 2 things. Great marketing, and beating Apple to the punch with multiple devices that people of all demographics love while Apple sits on an annual schedule with underwhelming upgrades. Make no mistake. Samsung has put Android where it is as of late. The downfall of Samsung? ! You must be high!

Samsung still hasn't passed Apple with a single phone. In fact, the cheap Android devices Samsung sell off carrier sell more than any of their flagships (which do sell quite well, though not in the iPhone numbers). The fact of the matter is that choice is good to a certain extent. I'm not going to commend Apple for giving their customers choices because, while they have improved (4 inch iPhone 5 and iPad Mini) they still have much work to do. But their model of choice is much better than Samsung's idea of throwing 500 devices on the market in a single year just to hopefully cover every person who wants a Samsung device but is looking for something specific. In the end, it confuses average consumers.

Also, Samsung has only improved Android in terms of market share. Otherwise, they haven't helped to actually improve the software side of Android. Their TouchWiz UI is still stuck in 2011 and their unwillingness to do away with the menu button when Google clearly doesn't want it has caused confusion with app developers who might want to appeal to Google's guidelines but also want to want to make sure that Samsung phone users (who have a majority of the Android market share) will be able to make use of their hardware menu button.

Samsung definitely isn't going to lose stamina any time soon. They're at their peak and they'll probably carry with that for a few years like Apple did and still sort of is (they're losing a little ground). But if they keep releasing so many devices and confusing consumers I can see people going elsewhere. For example, some S4 users are probably angry that Samsung are releasing a more rugged version of the S4. If they keep doing things such as this, their costumers might find moving to a company with a more consistent device history a better choice.

Spoken like a true steve jobs disciple! Focus groups do not know what they want until we tell them what they want...

Oh, please. I own an HTC One and have only carried Android phones (including Samsung phones) for the past three years. In fact, I've never owned an iPhone and probably never will. If there's anything more stale than TouchWiz, it's iOS. I'm talking about the business strategies of these companies and I happen to find Apple's to be better than Samsung's in some areas.

Not talking about the products, just the thought control. You think you know better than others on how the market should look. You have already proven you do not by selecting the HTC One.

It's not thought control. It's giving consumers choices without confusing them, which Samsung has clear problems with. And I'm not going to argue about my choice for the HTC One. It was the best choice for me and the S4 wasn't.

Not sure I agree that Samsung has not brought anything to Android apart from market share. The Galaxy Note brought us the phone+tablet form that is a huge success and which created a niche that's uniquely Samsung. In addition, increasing market shares via cheaper/varied phones are important not only for increasing the corporate bottom line, but also for increasing the Android user base. Although I agree that Samsung sometimes go a little overboard in its "market saturation" model, you can't blame them for trying. I've owned HTC and Moto, and I believe my next phone will be Note2.

I completely agree. Samsung pushed the limits on hardware with their flagships and made people consider Android as a viable option. But software-wise, they've done next to nothing for Android.

It matters NOT to me. I love the Samsung Galaxy S4 as is. There's nothing wrong with choices either. You either wany a particular phone, or you don't. That's the way it is. You're way too deep on this but again it's your right to feel this way and to choose what you want.

I disagree with your vision of the future. People will buy the smartphone that best meets their wants and needs and at their desired price point, regardless of manufacturer. Apple has forgotten this and given us what? Incremental improvements at a snail's pace, while their competition has been supplying benefit after benefit to users (people buy benefits rather than features). Samsung's big fault has more to do with feature/software bloat than how many different models they release. Each model they are releasing has a clear target market demographic, so it's not like they are blindly releasing models with no clear vision, a la Apple's idea of a one size fits all philosophy. Can you find a ruggedized iPhone? How about one with a larger screen or one for someone who prefers a smaller phone (though the iPhone is quite small already)? Whose business model is wearing/crumbling at the edges right now? Not Samsung's. Nuff said.

I'm not a Sammy fanboy, either, I do have an S4, but plan on ditching it for one of the Google versions coming out at the end of the month. Haven't decided on whether that will be the HTC One or the S4GE. Had an iPhone for the last 3 years until I got my S4 recently.

This looks like Samsung's answer to the HTC One competition. Albiet not directly but it definitely looks like its not as cheap looking anymore.

I have the note 2, and will be checking this phone out yeppers... Samsung knows how to make phones lol. Period.

I was still in my 14 day return period when this info hit. I was interested until I heard about the 8 MP camera and the three hardware buttons. I also have a 32GB model and did not want to give it up.

If you are going to make a phone for people who abuse phones, you need to increase battery life. If it has a killer battery, I'd consider it for sure.

Any device made available only on AT&T or Verizon are "not available" to me. I got tired of hearing "we don't care" (from Customer Service) that you don't get cell phone or data reception (the implied being "you're paying for us to develop and improve their services for everybody else"). Why would I want to spend $500-to-$800 for a device that misses calls 35% of the time, drops calls frequently, and rarely has access to the data service (3G/4G/LTE) that I have to pay for? The U.S. laws should require the carriers only be able to charge for the services you actually use (or are even available to you). So, "NO", I will not be buying any "smartphone" that is locked to either of these providers. I'm more than happy with three unlocked, rooted smartphones (GNexus, Galaxy Blaze, and Dart) that cost me less than $350 each and a total of $30 per month, and actually work most of the time (when Wi-Fi is actually available and acceptably fast). Plus, I can easily eliminate invasive, intrusive ad/spyware and hold onto a little personal privacy. So, eliminating AT&T, Verizon, and Apple products from my household and work environments (which I've used for many years in past) has been no big loss. Their corporate reputations and brandings have only been carried over into their mobile offerings.

LOL I've been to 26 states now and Verizon has never failed me yet. Daughter streams her Netflix in the car without a hiccup. When I was on Sprint I could not say the same. Also, during the last hurricanes it was rather funny watching everyone complain with no cell service while Verizon was fully up and running here! (Which was the reason I switched to VZW ironically, because I was in a dif state 400 miles from home with a baby, in a hurricane and it felt rather distressing to have no communication, while everyone who was talking on their cell told me they had Verizon!.. I will never again go for cheapest!..)

Ah, so being called the 'Active' - as in being outside and doing things/exercising - during which a lot of people listen to the radio - this phone will thus have an FM Radio on board, no ifs, no buts, because it's logic.
It would be absolute lunacy if this version of the S4 still doesn't have an FM radio.

god... why don't manufacturers "get it"? Google builds the software keys into the OS so that Android devices are full-touch devices. Then Samsung does stupid shit like this, and releases phones with hardkeys. When will Google get a grip and streamline their product???

some people, including myself, actually prefer hardware buttons -- or at least just the one home button and two capacitive buttons like those found on the standard GS4, GNote2, etc.

Three raised buttons? I'm not sure about that, though... we'll see.

different strokes for different folks.

The only thing that REALLY bugs me about this otherwise beautiful device is the downgraded camera. It doesn't make much sense given the fact that "active" people -- the target audience for this device -- are more likely to take actual action photographs of whatever it is they're doing, or wherever it is they're traveling.

Seriously, the downgraded camera sucks... :(

I just got my Samsung 4Active, I was really excited to use it,to take pictures underwater, and have fun , well ,everything was ok until I took a picture underwater and after a receive a call for a friend I answered and guess what sounds like you are talking underwater so I called ATT ,they call,me to verify and volá! Yes I can't understand anything that you are talking, we recommend for you go to the store and do and exchange wich we did for another one, unfortunaly I tried , I took a pic, I did a call and still doing the same BIG MISTAKE to buy this equipment I hope that samsung notice that factory deffect!
So better to wait for new Iphone come out and get a water proof case of course 100 %!