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Japan may be the among the next countries to get the LTE verison of Samsung's Galaxy Note, according to the latest rumors from Japanese tech blog Gpad. The site's notes that a device carrying the model number "SC-05D" recently received Bluetooth certification, and later appeared in a leaked Modaco product catalog alongside the name "Galaxy Note".

The reported spec list would place the Japanese version on equal footing with the Canadian and AT&T LTE models, with a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S3 CPU, 1GB of RAM. Scoring the Galaxy Note would be a big win for Japan's largest carrier, which already has its own version of the Galaxy Nexus, and many other leading Android handsets.

We'll have our review the AT&T Galaxy Note up soon. In the meantime, be sure to check out our write-up of the international version from last year.



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Galaxy Note LTE rumored for NTT Docomo in Japan


Seconded! I'd be all over that the very day I was eligible to upgrade. Tho with Sprint just this year upgrading to LTE, I doubt it'll be until later in 2012 at best.

You are most likely correct; I just wish that they would announce that it was coming, even if it was six months down the road. That way I'd know if I should save my upgrade if something else comes out sooner (Nexus).

would like to c this cm over to the big red... have a galaxy 5.0 like the screen size, so cm on big red drop the ball and stock this unit..