Galaxy Nexus

We heard it was going to happen, and today the Galaxy Nexus has appeared with a price and an "add to cart" button again in Google Play, but things are still a bit off. Prior to the sales ban, we were able to click and get almost instant gratification knowing the phone was shipping out immediately, but now we're seeing a two to three week delay. We're not sure if this is a way to get time to make changes to skirt Apple's legal team, but it sounds reasonable.

All we know is that with Jelly Bean, this is the phone to have. We're glad to see that add to cart button. If you've been thinking about it, might want to click it now before the next round of courtroom lunacy happens.

Order the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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demontooth says:

In for one!

DroidDavi says:

my mother say about this on the news then asked me what a nexus was. Long story short her and 3 of her friends plan on buying one thanks apple she would have never known about this

Andro X says:

lol thats awesome. My mom got one too when i got mine.

agprime says:

I wish I could +1 this...
Way cool!

aarnoldupenn says:

I'm considering buy one. I have the note though. I just want Jelly Bean.

eahinrichsen says:

JB's good, but it's not worth buying a new phone if you already have a current generation device.

Chris says:

It now says 1-2 weeks. Making progress!

wickets says: midnight it might be next day delivery

Jet300 says:

Good news for everyone. I am loving JB on my VZW GN. Its not even an official version and its officially awesome!

Idelgado782 says:

I agree. I hot mines on Friday and after two days of playing with it and jb I went with my dad and had him get one too! I told him he's going to love it. Can't go wrong with a nexus device!

evobassfish says:

So Ships in 1-2 weeks with jellybean?

carraser891 says:

so when the sales ban happens, does that mean the end of the galaxy nexus?

ChillFactorz says:

The ban is already in seems this made the phone more marketable. APPLE scared = instant hype = more views and looks Androids/Nexus' way. Instant Fail = iFail. Backfire Apple.

DrDoppio says:

The injunction is because of some small software feature; it remains to be decided in court if this feature is even ifringing and if the patent is valid. Even if it is decided, against all logic, that the patent stays and the feature infringes, the Nexus hardware will continue to be sold with slightly modified software.

TL/DR: no, this ban is a fart in the wind -- as always with Apple's legal action.

Wolfroid says:

I finally grabbed mine 4 hours ago, via my operator in Serbia and its stuck to ma` hand....
...cant let it go...charging adjusting customizing
Its all Galaxy from now on for me! ;):)
Am super exciting and thrilled to have my first Android device :D

scottyhifi says:

Just ordered 2. Cutting the contract, going prepaid and ensuring I am always on the latest version of Android = money well spent.

still1 says:

I am going to take the same route when the next nexus get released.
from now on only nexus.. people wake up...

hoosiercub says:

So sort've related, but not.. why can't we purchase the Vehicle Dock anymore? It seemed to go unavailable the same time the GNex did. Except it didn't come back :-/

eezapata says:

when you order g-nex it will give you the option to buy accessories.

hoosiercub says:

I can buy the other accessories, I just can't buy the car dock.

trap49 says:

All right, Jerry: you finally convinced me. GNex + JB sounds like the best of all worlds. Still got a couple of months left on my T-Mo contract, but after that I am contract-free. So.... I am paying for the $80/mo plan now, does anyone know of a better deal with T-Mo once my contract does expire? Can I get a decent amount of minutes and data for less? I am only using 150 minutes and 150-250 MB data per months. Thanks, all!

Don T

scottyhifi says:

Straight Talk offers T-mo and AT&T for $46 a month. The site says no taxes or fees. It lists unlimited talk, text and unlimited HSPA+ data (throttled after 5 GB I believe).

T-mo prepaid is $60 for unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of data. For $10 more you can get "unlimited" data. For only $30 a month you get 100 minutes, unlimited text and "unlimited" data.

chucknine says:

I like the idea behind the nexus but until they get a better camera on it I just can't see using it as my everyday phone.

hoosiercub says:

Have you actually used one on a day-to-day basis?

It's mostly a load of crock about the camera being terrible.

Wookie Claws says:

I've taken some great shots with my GNEX outdoors. There are some low light conditions where things get a bit grainy but you can tweak the camera settings and get a decent photo. I'm overall very happy with the camera and the phone in general.

hoosiercub says:

As am I. I've never had a camera on a phone that didn't realistically struggle with low-light. That's a flaw of the design. It's not like you need to take pictures in the dark anyway. I have a DSLR for really good long exposure photography.

Wookie Claws says:

I've taken some great shots with my GNEX outdoors. There are some low light conditions where things get a bit grainy but you can tweak the camera settings and get a decent photo. I'm overall very happy with the camera and the phone in general.

eezapata says:

hell yes, I just ordered mine before apple comes out with another lawsuit.

DaX05 says:

Just ordered one. Coming from a Tmo Nexus S.. Can't wait. It says 1-2 weeks now. :)

janesa13 says:

So is this coming with JB out of the box?
It makes sense if it ships in 1-2 weeks. JB is expected to be released around that time

mhmmdy123 says:

I would buy it, if it has 2GB of ram.

DrDoppio says:

What would you do with 2GB RAM, seriously?

Nev says:


ba_hamilton says:

This phone is $49.99 on Temptation lurks around every corner.