Galaxy Alpha leak

Another day, another Galaxy Alpha leak. While yesterday's leak provided us with a clearer look at the metallic frame abutting the sides of the device, today's leaked images pit Samsung's upcoming handset against the iPhone 5s.

The images, which were uploaded on Twitter by a new account called @culeaks, showcase the speaker grill located at the bottom of the device in addition to the metallic frame that goes around the sides. The side by side comparison with the iPhone 5s shows that the Galaxy Alpha is thinner than Apple's offering, which is 7.6 mm thick.

Excluding the metal frame, it looks like the Galaxy Alpha will feature a similar design as that of Samsung's current product offerings, with an image highlighting a textured back akin to that of the Galaxy S5. There is no official confirmation as to when the Galaxy Alpha will be unveiled, although the latest rumors suggest an August 13 launch.

Source: Twitter; Via: Tinh Te


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Galaxy Alpha gets sized up against the iPhone 5s in latest leak


Good luck Samsung.

I think think they're waiting for a big slump in sales before they finally redesign their handsets.

Nah. People will look at this phone and say "Wow it looks like an iphone!" and buy it without hesitation (which is what Samsung is counting on).

But it's really just lipstick on a pig.

People you can get a aluminum frame case for most Samsung phones on EBay. Different color options too, plus some come with aluminum back covers too.

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Those may block your reception. I bought one for my GN3 but it killed my signal so it was unusable. The auction description even said that may happen, I didn't read it carefully though. Lesson being is to not assume a phone case won't render your phone useless.

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Before, I defended Samsung, but now they are just blatantly copying iPhone.

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Before? They have always been like that. In Android, there is absolutely no reason to make a single physical button in the middle below the screen and make two capacitive buttons on either side hidden unless they are lit up. Android is not a one button OS, so they only way to make it look closer to an IPhone is to just make the two buttons kind of hidden from a distance.

They probably figured whatever they make, they are going to get sued for making a rectangle with rounded corners, might as well just copy it directly.

I'm no fan of apple but c'mon samsung. This is the reason and the main reason you get sued and sued and sued some more. Where is the originality, the inoovation, the re-design??? This just looks like a very bad attempt by samsung to rip off apple in design. The one thing I will say is that the iphone is a beautifully crafted device. Besides HTC why can't other Android oem's make high quality and premium crafted devices. This is one of the main reasons why people choose apple over android.

Other android oem's don't bother with premium design because it does not make much of a difference, ex: HTC. Because of it's open nature, android oem's can't really move the needle on premium designs, price is the best way to stand out, ex: xiaomi.

It isn't about premium materials. It is about originality. You don't have to have premium materials to create a beautiful phone. I have sworn off buying any Samsung phones because to me, they are ugly and use an extremely uninspired and tired design. I have an LG G3, which is a beautiful phone. It is not made of premium materials.

HTC One X and Moto X, plastic fantastics that everybody said had great in hand feel, and the latter can even look pretty snazzy if you go the Maker route. It REALLY isn't hard to make plastic look and feel decent, just don't make it glossy and don't try to make it look lime any other material it isn't... Basically don't do a Samsung.

Yep. I agree. There is absolutely nothing wrong with plastic as a material used to build phones. The problem is lack of originality and vision on the part of Samsung.

"This is one of the main reasons why people choose apple over android."

Must have been asleep for last 3 years. Apple doesn't have even 15% of market share.

Apple trolls are just getting out of hand these days on the internet.

How sad is a person's life if he has to spend his days trolling negatively about a brand he's in no way affiliated with on sites he never visit to read the stories on? Seriously.

Would they have to kill themselves out of pure depression if this last thing was taken away from them?

I don't see apple trolls here I just see angry bitter android fans crying over a shape of a phone

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Good to see you're speaking for everybody... This site has been littered with Apple trolls the last few months. All sorts, from the open Apple trolls to the Astroturfing kind.

Why do you care so much that someone's complaining about trolls? Why so defensive on their behalf? :D

Well, not that I could care less about what you'd reply. You'll clearly just insist it's okay with Apple trolls on Android sites.

You are funny life is too short for your kind of hate. By the way you do realize it is just a phone right

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Sorry man my coworkers and I are just in disbelief that some one can get so upset at something that don't matter sorry again. I suggest you should put your phone down and go outside and take a deep breath enjoy life

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Your persistence in trying to mock someone who's criticising Apple trolls makes your behaviour really sad, ridgeline. I mean, if you really mean that this is a non-issue, why waste so much time on it? Maybe your "colleagues" are mocking you?

Apple's lawyers right now are playing Pharrell's "Because I'm Happy" and dancing around the office. Talk about an early Christmas bonus.

On the other hand, if spec wise of this device is true, I'm going to be extremely disappointed. Unless the Note 4 comes out of the cages swinging and biting like a cybernetic cerebus.

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Looks nice, but I'm not a fan of Samsung's recent back covers.
Also, with Evleaks retiring, I guess this Culeaks guy his replacement.

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Yeah, I don't get it, is that back cover the same old plastic/faux-leather cover? Or is it metal with the same dimples? (dimples that they sorta copied from the OG N7 mind you, but there it was soft touch plastic and sorta mimicked a glove better which was the original intent)

I never really understood how chamfer edges cut that sharp are comfortable to hold either, though that does look like an impressively thin device.

The best part of the phone is the iPhone portion. The only portion that came from Samsung is the back, and that looks the worse.

I am not even going to get into the "it looks like an iPhone" discussion. There are only so many things you can do with a metal body and a physical button.

What I do sorta want to say is that I hope those speakers do not suck as bad as the ones on the Note.

And considering that Samsung holds one of the original patents for a metal framed phone, I'd say they have every right to build a phone using it... :D

I just saw the specs for this phone on Phandroid and if they're true this phone is nothing to be excited about for me. 720 display, less ppi than a moto g, 2 mp front facing camera.

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I'll play the devil's advocate and say the chamfered edges on the M7 were more iPhone like than this Galaxy Alpha. That being said, the rumored price for this thing is laughable.

I like it plus its a very small step toward that glorious redesign I know that Samsung is fully capable of.

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