Motorola XYBOARD

There is no new "spill-proof" version of the Motorola XYBOARD. A marketing e-mail sent by Moto today has led some to believe that there's an new iteration of the tablet on the way. But it's actually the exact same version that was released earlier this year, a fact we've confirmed with Motorola. (Here's our review, by the way.) The XYBOARD has always been spill-resistant, thanks to a super space-age nano-coating thing.

Again: No new "spill-proof" Motorola XYBOARD. It's the same model.


Reader comments

FYI: The 'spill-proof' Motorola XYBOARD is not a new version


I'm really upset about this. Moto needs to replace every Xyboard with the new waterproof version. Anyone who bought one should be able to send it back and get the new waterproof one. I hate how they're always doing this. It's so ridiculous that...what?? It's the same version? It's always been waterproof? But...but...but...I need to complain about something. Moto somehow screwed everyone with this and I wanna complain!!!

Well at least they aren't going and making more major changes like adding bigger batteries to devices and calling it new... oh wait.

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