Wallpaper Thumbnails

Just a quick heads up that we've added larger preview images to our Android wallpaper gallery. Now when you're checking out an individual wallpaper, you can click the small thumbnail to open up a larger image. It's a little thing, we know, but it's one you guys wanted. And now you have it. 

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Reader comments

FYI: Android Wallpaper Gallery gets larger previews


now you guys should get rid of that "view more" button crap, just make it a traditional wallpaper-site look: 20+ wallpapers per page, categories on the side, pop-up previews/download window

+1 to that. Please take that off. Set up tables/frames of 20 or so and make the user have the option of how many to load per page.

Would it be possible to label the pix in either resolution or if its for phone or tablet? Either way, THANKS a million for the gallery.