Motorola Droid Froyo update

Not sure what the delay was attributed to, but the Android 2.2 over-the-air update has apparently resumed for the original Motorola Droid. It's the same FRG01B build that we got last week (none of that FRG22 nonsense just yet), and it should just take you a few minutes to download and install. (See our hands-on with Froyo on the Droid.) So sit back, relax and wait for it to push down. Or frantically force your phone to check for updates. Or install it manually. Your call. [via Android Central Forums]


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Froyo updates resume for the original Motorola Droid


The battery life is great compared to all rooted roms i have tried. Flash is easily added to this build. You can't play hulu or Netflix so not sure what the big deal is.

Tried System Updates. Nope. "Your system is currently up to date."

Although only on WiFi, not 3G right now. Maybe when I go in to the office this morning.

Ya know that commercial with the dweeb walking around, "Can you hear me now?" and all of Verizon's people? None of them seem to know where I live.

Odd, mine is downloading now which is surprising...My droid is rooted and already running a FRF84B. It didn't appear to do anything but strange that I got the message.

That will not force an update check
that will only work if you already got a OTA update notification from Verizon and you dismissed it then you have the option to go back and download it from there

Still No Update how much longer Verizon

You can't. The system update screen in settings, is there if clear the notification that there is an update to download. You would go there to initiate it again, but it doesn't actively look.

still no update. I hear that it has seven homescreens. what the hell am I gonna do with seven screens??

My friend got the first roll out of 2.2 and now her phone is messed up, screen acts up and phone force closes all the time on everything and requires resets daily. Anyone else have this issue?

I forced FRG01B when it came out...all that I see is that everytime a page finishes loading, there's a flicker. Other than that, nothing crazy. Rooting ASAP. :)

I wish they would push this thing while I am at work so I can jump and say "YES!" I got it! Why am I still waiting?

I manually updated to FRG01B about 10 days ago...

Just wondering what is the actual build being pushed... I've read from some sources that FRG01B is being pushed and others that FRG22 is being pushed....

Which is it?

Please don't cite the above article-- I would rather here from someone that has actually received the update to verify.


And FYI.... the FRG01B in installed does have a few nice features but I've found the program control for my droid still lacking--- still getting random apps starting for no reason... eventually these cause performance problems requiring me to shut the phone down and restart about every 2 or 3 days.

And the flash does work if you download the flash program but really isn't all that great for streaming over 3G... you will get better results for most flash vids by using the skyfire web browser that streams the flash to your phone from a remote site and optimizes bandwidth (vid quality) so you aren't wasting so much bandwidth getting higher quality vid then your phone can display-- ie its faster...

Flash vid streams fine with the flash player for the default browser over wifi...

Just got my update today.

I've noticed a speed update. I've also noticed that when I connect my Droid to the Multimedia Charging station it is a different look.

Also glad they fixed the Bluetooth support for the Action button on headsets. I now can press the button on my headset and ask it to dial a number. Can't wait to try all the other new features and fixes.