Vibrant upgrade to Froyo

Great news for Samsung Vibrant users on Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel, as the Froyo OTA is now available to download.

In order to complete the upgrade fully, follow the instructions on Samsung's site. Sorry to those on T-Mobile, but hopefully your update is available soon.

Samsung also said on their site that the Froyo update is currently being tested for the Captivate and Fascinate and a release for late December is being aimed for.

If you are a Bell, Virgin Mobile or SaskTel customer using a Vibrant, upgrade now and enjoy the improvements. [Samsung via Twitter]


Reader comments

Froyo now available to Vibrant users on Bell, Virgin Mobile and SaskTel


i dont believe a word Samsung says...
and there's no acceptable excuse for the update taking this long
for Captivate users who purchased in July based on Samsung's
promises at their June launch event
tell ya what Samsung... I'm testing Froyo too
and it works just fine

I have a Vibrant..and this is the #1 reason I'm on the verge of purchasing a Nexus S (even though its just a Vibrant+) because I want the latest updates when they come out.

This just adds to my desire to leave Tmobile as well.

Hmm, Nexus S vs Vibrant... Gingerbread in December (as opposed to six month from now, at best) plus a front facing camera, but no HSPA+ or SD card slot... Tough choice I'd say. I'm kinda glad I went with the EVO as Sprint and HTC have been on the ball and released a ton of timely updates for it thus far (half a dozen last time I counted, battery improvements, Froyo, Froyo bug fixes, etc.).

Listen up T-Mobile and Samsung.....lets just skip Froyo for the Vibrant and any remaining Galaxy S devices and lets go directly to Gingerbread or preferably Honeycomb. I would rather wait a few more months at this point and go directly to Android 3 (aka Honeycomb). I would think its easier for Samsung to target 1 OS for the Galaxy devices (which includes the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S devices) as opposed to trying to manage Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. If it isn't necessary to apply all of the releases then lets just go directly to Android 3.0. We've waited this long whats a few more weeks so we can get to the latest OS. Also you really MUST do better with these updates...there are new apps that only work with 2.2 and newer. It is not acceptable that we cannot upgrade some applications we rely on because the newer version of those applications are only available with new versions of the OS. T-mobile and Samsung, you MUST do better. Stay closer to vanilla Android if that will help and make your other custom applications installable separately from the Media Hub for instance. I do not think many of your customers are pining for much about your custom Touchwiz UI anyway.

i thought it was already too late for samsung/t-mobile to do that because they already have proof that samsung is getting froyo on the galaxy s devices?

Hopefully the update for T-Mobile's Vibrant users like myself shouldnt be much longer, surely not, especially with everyone else starting to get the most sought after update - hopefully it'll be here just in time for Christmas.

When they say Virgin Mobile does that mean Virgin Mobile in the US? I thought the Intercept was the only Android phone you can use with Virgin Mobile in the US.

Bummer. I wish Virgin Mobile US would let you activate any CDMA phone. They have killer rate plans. Thanks though!

I'm getting pretty damned tired of hearing Americans blaming Samsung for the delays that are clearly carrier-induced. Unbranded I9000's have had official Froyo for two months now.

The Telus "Fascinate" is actually a SCH-T959D. Different radio, different bezel than the T-Mobile Vibrant, and is very different than the Verizon Fascinate other than a black bezel and the name. Basically, take a Captivate, put it in a T-Mobile Vibrant case, then replace the smoked chrome bezel with the gloss black one from a Fascinate, and you have a Telus Fascinate.

And Virgin Canada is owned by Bell Canada, has nothing to do with Virgin US or Virgin Whatever.

Stock bell SGS unlocked for FIDO sim, no root, no lagfix, updated to Froyo, it bricks my phone. No recovery mode, no boot up animated logo, only thing I can do go to download mode. Checked various forums, it is a corrupted internal SD card causing the problem. What else I can say???!?!?!?!?

Don't really care my vibrant is already on froyo, getting the Nexus S anyway. Still want a stable release.

I did the update yesterday on my Bell Galaxy S and it bricked my phone. Worked fine for 10 min, and as soon as I turned bluetooth on it rebooted and never came back, so it's back to Bell for a replacement. Wasn't rooted, no other modificiations other than running launcherpro instead of touchwiz Not happy as my loaner phone is a Moto Dext and Motoblur makes me want to throw it through a window.

The update appears to have been botched on a lot of phones, really disappointing.

Still, the GPS does not work and is worse than before.
They changed the service codes so you cannot adjust the settings.